StarCraft's revival needs to be a priority for Microsoft, according to Windows Central readers

Starcraft Ii Hero
Starcraft Ii Hero (Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently purchased Activision Blizzard, thereby gaining access to all of the bought company's beloved intellectual properties.
  • We polled readers to find out which franchise needs a revival (or dust-off) ASAP.
  • Readers have spoken: StarCraft is of the utmost importance, followed by Spyro and Guitar Hero.

The readers of Windows Central have spoken: StarCraft needs Microsoft's and Xbox's attention, stat.

Over the weekend, following the news that Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard, we hosted a poll asking people which Activision Blizzard property they wanted to see Microsoft revive right away. As of this posting, the vote total sits at 1,115. StarCraft owns the lion's share with 24.39% of those votes (272 votes).

Spyro came in second with 18.3% (204 votes), and Guitar Hero managed 12.29% (137 votes). Fourth place went to Prototype, fifth went to "other" (Activision Blizzard holds a lot of beloved IPs), sixth went to the idea of rebirthing Call of Duty as a better franchise, HeXen locked seventh place, and last came Tony Hawk with just 5.83% (65 votes).

Down in the comments, where the coolest of cool readers are, we got a glimpse of what people were hoping for when they voted "other" in the poll.

"Infocom redux and X-men Legends 2 plz," requested techiedude007. "The possibilities for Game Pass are staggering."

Enigmaraff also chimed in with ideas. "I'd like to see a new Zork game and a remaster of Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex," they said.

Meanwhile, fjtorres proposed not only Activision Blizzard revivals but also Microsoft revivals. "Some of the Activision studios might want a crack at some of the dormant MS IPs like Conker or Fusion Frenzy (King?)," they stated, reminding us to never count out Conker, the forgotten adopted son of Microsoft.

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