State of Decay 2 gets Sea of Thieves inspired 'Plunder Pack' in upcoming update

State Of Decay 2 Sea Of Thieves Pack
State Of Decay 2 Sea Of Thieves Pack (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • State of Decay 2 is getting a Sea of Thieves inspired pack of items.
  • This Plunder Pack includes nine items with weapons, clothing and a vehicle to acquire.
  • The Plunder Pack will be available through an upcoming update later this week.

Today, Undead Labs announced that State of Decay 2 is getting a crossover promotion with fellow Xbox Game Studios title Sea of Thieves. Here's everything included in the Plunder Pack.

  • Sea Dog Blunderbuss: Some call this short-range shotgun-style weapon the original horde stopper.
  • Spyglass Rifle: With a .50 caliber rifle like this elegant beauty, you can brave the darkest waters without need for a bigger boat.
  • Dead Man's Cutlass: This marvelous bladed weapon is just what you need to take arms against a sea of thieves. I mean troubles.
  • Bilge Rat Shovel: It may not look like much, but this handy blunt weapon has plenty of "digging" left in it yet.
  • Buccaneer Bandanna: This handy piece of headgear bears the insignia of the mysterious Order of Souls!
  • Naval Tricorne: It's the hat that plundered a thousand ships.
  • Pirate Jacket: This tattered coat has seen more than its share of pillaging.
  • Kraken Hoodie: Terrifying monsters inspire the most attractive outfits.
  • Megalodon: A gorgeous muscle car modeled after the legendary marine predator.

State of Decay 2 has received several updates and improvements in the two years since its release, including new content, graphical improvements with the Juggernaut Edition, DLC packs and more.



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