Steam is currently down (Update)

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What you need to know

  • Steam is one of the biggest marketplaces for PC games.
  • Steam's store and community pages are down right now.
  • Steam's Halloween sale just began today.

Update: Steam is now back up for most people, though you may still experience some slow down.

If you're trying to get some of those awesome deals on Steam and find that you can't access the store right now, don't panic. It appears to be down for everyone and this is not an isolated incident.

Checking the Unofficial Steam Status page, it looks like Steam's store, community, and web API are all down. It is unclear what caused the issue and when the store will be back online. Valve has not issued a statement on the matter, though it has pulled the sales page according to Steam Database.

Some players have reported getting Error Code 118, meaning they cannot connect to the server. Considering this is a widespread issue, it looks to be server problems on Valve's side.

Its Halloween sales for all things spooky (and non-spooky) began earlier today and is supposed to last through November 1st at 10AM PT. We don't know if this outage will affect the length of the sale, but if the problem persists, hopefully Valve will extend it.

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