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Steampunk dungeon crawler 'Vaporum' hits Xbox One on April 10

Today, Fatbot Games and Merge Games announced that their steampunk dungeon crawler Vaporum is coming to Xbox One on April 10. According to the companies, Vaporum is an award-winning grid-based dungeon crawler that uses a first-person perspective. Just like Dungeon Master and Legend of Grimrock, Vaporum is a single-player experience where you have to escape by overcoming incredible odds.

Unlike many dungeon crawlers, Vaporum features real-time combat on a grid. In many ways it's like chess, but you can dodge the attacks! There's plenty of voice acting and other elements players will like. It's definitely a modern experience, but pays homage to old-school games.

Vaporum for Xbox One is currently available for digital preorder, and costs $20. However, the price is going to jump back up to $25 in less than a day. If you're interested in the title, be sure to snap it up quickly.

Do you like Legend of Grimrock and other grid-based adventures? Let us know.

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  • Steampunk? Count me in! Although I wonder how well real time combat will go with a grid system. Watching the video is promising but I might wait for some reviews just in case.
  • I read up on it and after playing Operencia and how incredible and fluid its movement system is I'm a little wary of the jump back to the static viewpoint.
  • There is an option for "continuous" movement versus the grid movement. I haven't turned it on, since the grid movement didn't bother me. The motion is still animated fully, it's just that a press forwards moves you one square, and a turn moves you 90 degrees, etc. Pressing one of the triggers allows a free look, and pressing the other enables a mouse-like cursor for selecting things to interact with.
  • Grid-based dungeon crawlers have always been real-time based? Like the classic Dungeon Master. Even the Eye of the Beholder games were real-time, with hidden semi-turn-based mechanism.
  • Ah, the games I have played in the genre weren't.
  • For $20 I'll take the risk and pre-order. It looks fun.
  • No co-op included? :(