Stellaris: Console Edition is now Xbox Series X|S Optimized, releases Lithoids Species Pack

Stellaris Lithoid Expansion Release Image
Stellaris Lithoid Expansion Release Image (Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

What you need to know

  • Stellaris: Console Edition is receiving a major update today with the 2.6 "Verne" release rolling out now to Xbox players.
  • The Xbox Series X|S is now the best place to play Stellaris: Console Edition, with lower load times, faster simulation speeds, and faster framerates.
  • Alongside the next-gen update, the Lithoids Species Pack is also now available for Xbox and PlayStation players.
  • This DLC adds a new rock-based species that feature unique mechanics and mineral-based ships.

Today is a major day for Stellaris: Console Edition, most notably for players on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Today, Paradox Interactive is releasing the 2.6 "Verne" update for Stellaris: Console Edition that Optimizes the game for Xbox Series X|S consoles. While Paradox Interactive does mention next-gen PlayStation players, this patch does not seem to target the PS5.

With the 2.6 "Verne" update, Stellaris: Console Edition players on Xbox Series X|S can expect several massive improvements that will immediately make for a superior experience on next-gen consoles.

  • Massively reduced load times
  • Increased simulation speeds
  • Doubled framerates
  • Improved combat performance

Today isn't just about the Xbox Series X|S update, however, as Stellaris: Console Edition is also releasing the Lithoids Species Pack DLC today.

The Lithoids are a brand-new rock-based species that feature a ton of unique mechanics as well as new mineral-based ships. The Pack also includes a new voice pack and 16 new portraits for players.

Stellaris: Console Edition is a great option for 4X grand strategy fans while playing on console (especially on the Xbox Series X|S now). If you haven't given it a try yet, Stellaris: Console Edition is also available through Xbox Game Pass. While you won't get any of the expansions or DLC, you'll still be able to take advantage of the Xbox Series X|S update and Smart Delivery for free. Stellaris: Console Edition is definitely one of the best games for Xbox Game Pass for fans of the genre.

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