Still mulling Surface Duo? Check out Dave Lee's hands-on overview.

Surface Duo
Surface Duo (Image credit: Microsoft)

Surface Duo is still a few weeks away, scheduled to launch on September 10 in the U.S. However, reviewers should be getting their units soon to share impressions. One of the earliest is YouTuber Dave Lee, who has spent a few days with a Surface Duo engineering sample and shared his thoughts in a new video.

Lee notes that, because this is an engineering sample, it has its limitations. However, he mostly focuses on the actual look and feel of the device. And so far, his impressions are fairly positive.

If you're still mulling whether to pick up a Surface Duo for yourself, give Lee's video a look. He talks about the glass exterior, how thin it is, and the ergonomics. He also touches on a couple of downsides of the form factor that may be worth considering.

Surface Duo is available to preorder now starting at $1,400 from Microsoft, Best Buy, and AT&T.

Microsoft Surface Duo


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