Storm Rush – a wickedly quick Windows Phone game

The Windows Phone Store has more endless runner styled games on the shelf than you can shake a stick at. Fortunately, most are quality games and a fun way to pass the time with. Storm Rush is a relatively new addition to this gaming genre and hopes to catch your eye.

Storm Rush has two gaming modes, quality graphics, uncomplicated gaming controls and a game pace that can be wickedly quick. There is also a slight addictive pull that can easily hook you into game play. Storm Rush is available for low-memory Windows Phones and while we liked the game, it does have the glaring downside of not offering a trial version.

Your primary menu for Storm Rush is laid out simple with options to jump into either gaming mode, mute the sound, rate the game in the Windows Phone Store and view the developer credits.

Storm Rush

The two gaming modes for Storm Rush includes a Classic and Rush mode. The Classic mode is a straight up racing mode where you have to avoid obstacles and see how far you can survive. Running into any of the obstacles will end the game.

Storm Rush Rush Mode

Rush mode is somewhat different in that you have thirty-nine lives of a sort. Each barricade hit will cost you one of those lives and when you run out of lives, the game is over. The ultimate goal is to see how far you can travel but with the Rush mode you can create some explosive impacts along the way.

Gaming controls are simple. On-screen arrows are positioned to the right and left of the screen that control your steering while acceleration is automatic. The longer you survive, the faster the game pace becomes.

Storm Rush Classic

The track you are racing on has plenty of curves and hills that will hide barricades. The game will keep you on your toes and if your attention strays, a barricade tower can seem to appear out of nowhere.

While you have to contend with the various barricades that populate the racetrack, you do not need to be concerned with steering off the racetrack. It is a nice touch that helps give you a fighting chance for success.

Overall Impression

The more I played Storm Rush, the more the game grew on me. It isn't the most elaborate endless runner, but the graphics are sharp and game play is challenging.

Game mechanics are simple, but I could not help but think using the tilt sensors would have been an appealing option to have. Plus in this day and age of online, multi-player games Storm Rush could be a neat game for a little head-to-head competition.

While there is some room for improvement, the biggest hurdle Storm Rush will have to overcome is the lack of a trial version. I liked the game, but a trial version of any game helps add to its appeal. A trial with Storm Rush could give you three races in the Classic mode and either sell you on the game or have you decide to look elsewhere.

Overall, Storm Rush is an enjoyable Windows Phone game and a decent addition to the endless runner styled games. At last check, the game was unrated in the Windows Phone Store and we would place it somewhere in the 4 Star range.

If you try Storm Rush, let us know in the comments below what you think of the game and remember to rate Storm Rush in the Windows Phone Store. Rating the game is an easy way to give the developer feedback on their works.

Download Storm Rush for Windows Phone ($1.99)

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