Streamlabs StudioSource: Streamlabs

What you need to know

  • Streamlabs is a company that provides tools and programs for live streamers and content creators.
  • Streamlabs has partnered with Xbox and Twitch to announce a new web-based broadcasting studio called Streamlabs Studio.
  • For a monthly fee of $4.99 or an annual fee of $49.99, Streamlabs Studio promises to provide Xbox home console players the ability to stream their games without the need for a capture card or desktop.

Streamlabs is a company that focuses on providing live streamers and content creators the tools and software programs needed to broadcast their content onto the internet, including the popular and free Streamlabs OBS. Today, the company announced it has partnered with Twitch and Xbox to unveil Streamlabs Studio, a web-based, broadcasting studio designed to help home console players stream their games online.

How Streamlabs Studio works is that the user will need to choose "Streamlabs" as a destination within the Twitch app, log into to customize their stream, and then Streamlabs Studio will automatically start streaming on Twitch. The web-based studio will also include any customized widgets, overlays, or webcams set up by the streamer.

Streamlabs StudioSource: Streamlabs

In addition, this service doesn't require external devices like captures cards to broadcast games. Streamlabs Studio's unique cloud capture feature allows users to personalize their stream, control sources, and scenes by logging into the website through their phone or tablet without needing a desktop.

Streamers can use the phone or tablet as webcams to broadcast themselves and converse with their audience. They can also plug their headset or external webcam into their Xbox controller or console, and Streamlabs Studio will automatically capture each device and broadcast them onto the user's livestream.

The catch is Streamlabs Studio is exclusively available for Twitch streamers broadcasting on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, and unlike Streamlabs OBS, it's not free. You will need to pay a monthly fee of $4.99 or an annual fee of $49.99 to use Streamlabs Studio's services. Both subscriptions do have a seven-day free trial if you wish to try it out before committing fully to a paid subscription, which you can cancel at any time.

If Streamlabs Studio's features has piqued your interest as a Xbox console streamer, head over to Streamlabs Studio's website to learn more details.