Strike Suit Zero is the first independent game on the Xbox One, play it this weekend

What games are you playing this weekend on your Xbox One? If you’re looking to pick up a new game you might want to check out Strike Suit Zero. It’s a new game that came out a few days ago on the Xbox One. Strike Suit Zero is especially notable for being the first game to make its way onto the Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program. That’s the invite-only program to get independent developers and their work on the Xbox One. Let’s check out Strike Suit Zero.

Strike Suit Zero is space flight combat game that first came out on PC in early 2013. It has since worked its way to Mac and Linux. Now Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners are getting the “Director’s cut” version of the game. This version differs from the initial release by adding overhauled graphics, a restructured campaign and additional content.

The game itself looks really fun, especially if you’re into space and flight combat games. In the game you control a Strike Suit, which is a craft that transforms into space armor on the fly.

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut is only $19.99 on the Xbox One. You should pick this up if you’re looking for a new game and want to experience the first independent game on the Xbox One. Has anyone pulled the trigger on Strike Suit Zero or thinking about doing it now?

Buy Strike Suit Zero from the Xbox One store

Sam Sabri