Strike Suit Zero is the first independent game on the Xbox One, play it this weekend

What games are you playing this weekend on your Xbox One? If you’re looking to pick up a new game you might want to check out Strike Suit Zero. It’s a new game that came out a few days ago on the Xbox One. Strike Suit Zero is especially notable for being the first game to make its way onto the Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program. That’s the invite-only program to get independent developers and their work on the Xbox One. Let’s check out Strike Suit Zero.

Strike Suit Zero is space flight combat game that first came out on PC in early 2013. It has since worked its way to Mac and Linux. Now Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners are getting the “Director’s cut” version of the game. This version differs from the initial release by adding overhauled graphics, a restructured campaign and additional content.

The game itself looks really fun, especially if you’re into space and flight combat games. In the game you control a Strike Suit, which is a craft that transforms into space armor on the fly.

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut is only $19.99 on the Xbox One. You should pick this up if you’re looking for a new game and want to experience the first independent game on the Xbox One. Has anyone pulled the trigger on Strike Suit Zero or thinking about doing it now?

Buy Strike Suit Zero from the Xbox One store (opens in new tab)

Sam Sabri
  • Woot!
  • Why do they give news about Xbox consoles on wp central... :/
  • Why do idiots comment on the content. Its an MS centric site, this is high profile MS news. If you don't like it, don't read it. Noone forced you to read it, or post your tedious comment.
  • I like reading the range of articles, but you cant have a go at a comment like that. This isn't a Microsoft centric site, its "WINDOWS PHONE" Central.. I personally have no objections, but they seriously need to change the name of the site with the range of stuff they post these days
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  • Haha. It was obvious and funny. Sarcasm always backfires on internet though as many doesn't seem to have it in them.
  • Ahhh yeah, good ol' 1st World problems. -.-
  • I partially agree with what you're saying; hwangeruk is being unnecessarily rude. It was a question after all. But changing the name is unnecessary too. This was Windows Phone Central and always will be. It's the name of this particular outlet. It was probably Daniel, but one of the staff went on record to state that, as so many of us (including myself) loved the Xbox and Windows 8 content too, they decided to start including it in regularly! They post more about Windows Phone than anything else I feel, don't you?
  • Seriously...what does it say at the top of the website/app? Yes, WINDOWS PHONE central.
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    Ah well, I'll just continue wading through the chaff to get to the good stuff!
  • Just skip an article if it's not to your liking.
  • Exactly. Thank you.
  • Just speaking the truth. You're welcome.
  • Why do some immature like hwangeruk get hyper n behave childishly on a comment... N its nt MS centric site, its Wp central boy... Better see on which site u r n then comment
  • These comments are annoying as hell,if you don't like it go elsewhere crybaby. Oh noz, their giving news about another huge part of Microsoft.
  • Cause its Microsoft and Xbox is the most fun console
  • Because most Windows Phone fans are also Microsoft fans.
  • Xbox is part of the WP gaming hub.. duh.  Totally relevant news.
  • I'm surprised no one said this and everyone became extremely rude when this could've been said so calmly. I think this is mainly due to the fact that people usually when they get a windows phone they are USUALLY (not always) invested in some other sort of Microsoft product (i.e. Windows 8 laptop, XBONE, etc..). This is very convenient for them and also the fact that MS is trying to have a unified experience between the platforms as a goal helps also give enough reason to cover all these games and stuff because it brings attention to how the platform is developing and how the unification process is coming along, IMO. That's just my take at it and excuse the others for being rude. You know, the internet is a funny place.
  • I'm also one of the people who consider this mostly spam. I mean I come here hoping to find something about WP8.1 DP and all I get is Xbox, Windows 8 etc. I CAN get over it and just don't read it, but it IS slightly annoying as I bought WP Central app on my WP phone to get news on WP. Simple as that.
  • Guys guys ... Calm down! I got a new name: msworld
  • Omg... This gets funnier. This is either just generational or personality differences, but I have never seen people get mad because the clicked to comment on an article they did not want to read....Lol!
  • Can we please stop feeding these trolls.
  • I'd love to play a demo to get a feel for the game in action and how it controls, but unfortunately there isn't one and $20 is just a bit too high for an impulse buy on a genre I haven't played in a few years
  • I agree.  That's about my only disappointment with the XB1 at this point - the lack of demos.
  • One of the best things about the Xbox 360 is how Xbox Live Arcade required a demo mode. I dislike how they abandoned this for Xbox One.
  • I've decided I'm not spending a single dollar on any Xbox games which aren't 1080p.
  • Hero.
    In other news, the majority of the world's population live in poverty. But yes, keep fighting your 1080p battle :)
  • Sucks to be them. Tell them to move to where the jobs are. On your way past the starving people, tell them to move where the food is. If you pass by the Chinese guys, tell them to move where the women are. We all have our crosses to bear. I'll be here doing my part to maintain standards of gaming.
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  • Anyway... I'd like to see the demos be required. I like my One, but right now it feels a bit like my vita (every time I check for a new game, there is nothing).
  • Haha, yeah anyway! As I don't own an Xbox One, could you elaborate? What do you mean "I'd like to see demos required"? You mean demos don't appear in the store like they did on the 360?
  • Glad to see the ID(at)Xbox program at work, but it's a little disappointing that these type of XBLA-esque games are launching at such high price points on X1 ($20 instead of the previous $10 standard). If you're going to spend $20 on an Xbox One game, it should be Killer Instinct (best. fighting. game. ever.) Other X1 games I enjoyed were Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, and, my personal favorite, Project Spark. Kinect Sports Rivals is also fun, if you like casual party games.
  • It's $20 on the PC as well. Don't devalue it just because initial XBLA offerings were $10 normally. The games being released nowadays on the XBLA or as sole digital offerings are a lot larger and require more money to develop than before as well. Think how much State of Decay cost to develop vs. Alien Hominid. I think MS realized this as well as now games that would have been released as "XBLA" games on the 360 are being released like any other One game, with a full 1000 GS.
  • $10 has not been the standard on XBLA in some number of years; at least not for the high profile games on the network.  More like $15 each.  These days, $10 is pretty much the starting price for games that no one has ever heard of, from publishers that no one has ever heard of either.   Not that you cannot find gems in that lot - plenty of great games these days start out at $10 on XBLA.  Just pointing out that the games that most people are likely to seek out on the network, have their initial starting price set at $15.   That stated, the leap from $15 as the base on XBLA, to $20 as the base on Xbox One, would not be such bitch, if you could at least demo the games on Xbox One, before buying them.  Even a high profile game like Strider, I would never have bought it without a demo - wound up playing the demo on XBLA, before finally buying the game on Xbox One.  Same goes for Killer Instinct.  If they not given a portion of the game away for free (technically, creating a demo), I would never have purchased it.  Far too easy to wait for a 50% off sale, or wait and get it for free when Games with Gold finally starts up.
  • Cheers to Project Spark!!!! And for the record a "windows phone" is Microsoft. A surface hmm same? Lol oh so my guess an Xbox is too huh. So the word" windows" being well known as a Microsoft brand for longer than many of you have been alive, its awesome this site covers all that is windows based. And honestly how much new phone news is really hot day to day. You see there is a thing called a heading. Title. Call it what you will. Aka Xbox One dominates!! Is that phone specific nope but I'll read it. Hmm doesn't my phone have Xbox music, Xbox games, not support much but it does, and Xbox live integration with oh wait for it...... Xbox systems... OMG a revelation!!! So if you don't like the title of that article move on, like the articles about Samsung phones on windows, nope don't care so guess what I don't read it. Wow. Why own a windows phone if you don't like Xbox at all, or windows based products. Kinda the point...
  • ^^^THIS
  • So, I can't tell for this an FPS or third-party shooter?  I only do FPS (e.g., Wing Commander, Freespace). And I only do PC gaming...but I MIGHT consider this one if it's FPS.
  • I have it on PC. It's basically 3rd person. It is an enjoyable game though.
  • Glad to see space flight sims making a comeback (Strike Vector, this, and EVE Valkyrie)
  • Got this on the PS4 and the controls are shit.  I can't even force myself to finish the training mission until they give more layout options.
  • Well that's because the Dual Shock controller sucks. Try it with an Xbox One controller instead. Best. Controller. Ever (besides the Sega Dreamcast's).
  • That's quite a subjective statement you said there. I love MS products but when it comes to gaming and controller feel, I've always been a Sony/Old School Nintendo boy at heart. It's all a matter of personal preference; that's the truth.
  • Reminds me of Star Fox... Do a barrel roll!
  • That's the one reason I like Google.
  • You like Google? Be gone from here you heathen. BTW, Eric Just asked me if you're gonna take him up on the offer of a lawn mower after he read your personal email and knew you needed one? Let me know he said.
  • Ask Eric if he has a snow blower too mine crapped out and we got tons of snow... Canadian spring time eh!
  • Looks fun. But is it just a shooter? Got my fill of it with x3 reunion..
  • Got it the other day. Glad to support an Indie on the One. My 9 y/o is getting pretty good at it.
  • Interested. Needs a demo as this genre usually isn't my cup of tea.
  • Is it anything like wing commander? I used to love those games and xwing/tie fighter
  • Looks good. Will have to try this
  • And it's only $20! Let me know if you like it.
  • Sam- is there any chance the ID@Xbox is coming to Windows Phone? Seems like a wasted opportunity if not. Do Xbox games need release at the same time as competitor platforms on Xbox One? I thought there was a restriction for the program.
  • The image sure is cool..
  • There isn't a demo. Anyone have any impressions to share?
  • Except this game's been on-sale several times on Steam. It was in a Humble Bundle for about $5 (not he Director's Cut, but the base game), and it's been as low as $3 on Stema (again for the base game). $20 for it after this long's a crap deal.
  • 20 bucks for an indie game is sort of expensive for me.
  • I also think the price is too high, I remember when indie games were up to approximately 240 points, which was around £2. Arcade games were 400 points, or approximately £3.50. Some were of course 800 or 1200, or even 1600. I hope we see some more lower prices ones and some deals.
  • Ok so I bought it. And yes, old xbla games were cheaper. As were indie. But I have gone maybe half through the game. I am enjoying it. Am I a gamer? Gamerscore 110,608.. I play all kinds of games. Is strike suite good. Depends on you. Are the controls horrible like the PS4 dude said not even close. Guess its the PS4 controller or he hasn't ever played a real space shooter. Now don't get me wrong, this is no arcade shooter. To be affective you'll need to take 20 min or so to learn how to fly, then you'll learn to transform. Its your basic story, no ground breaking moments. Graphics are good for xbla title or even an indie title. Voice acting surprisingly good. Though you'll ignore most of the banter its just background noise to keep you progressing through the 13 missions. What stood out to me is after learning the controls I could perform some awesome sweeps on cruisers and carriers. What's cool is as you get better, the game allows you to fully destroy your enemy even if that isn't the mission. Another point that stood out was the particle effects. So much is happening all around. I could say this is star fox. But it isn't, mainly due to star fox being more arcade ish. I would say its a more colorful wing commander. With a gundam type story. Multiple ships, basic customization and a seriously challenging medal system. For those that don't know the difference, its it isn't a first person shooter(meaning looking through players eyes) Nor is it only third person(camera follows player from behind) you can change it in menus to do either. Kinda nice. Yes for me it is worth $20. I love a good space romp. And well that's been lacking so far. NOTE!!! When a person makes a statement that is 100% negative in a post. I would always question its true validity. There is always some light, always some positive. If space interests you, then buy it. WPC keep up the news all things Microsoft love it!!!  
  • Dude thanks for sharing. I'll especially be picking it up now after your comment. I just need to get a few more rounds of Titanfall in! Thanks for the insight!