Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years is this week's myAppFree Deal

Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years is a physics-based arcade game where you relive the life of a Hollywood stuntman chasing the glory years of all the crashes and explosions of days gone by.

Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years has 82 levels of game play are scattered across three worlds, plenty of equipment add-ons to improve your performance and 20 vehicles to unlock.

Available for low-memory devices, Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years is also this week's myAppFree deal.

The multi-level game follows your stuntman career from the early days of simple stunts such as stopping a farm truck inches from the edge of a cliff to jumping monster trucks over school buses. The first few levels are more tutorial in nature but challenging nonetheless with each level having a stunt goal to achieve (jump over objects, flip your car in mid-air, etc.)

Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years

Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years also includes daily challenges, game achievements, an online leaderboard and Facebook integration so you can share all your stunts with friends.

In just tinkering with the game for a short bit of time, Stunt Star looks appealing. With nineteen reviews, Stunt Star brings home a 5 Star review in the Windows Phone Store and our first impression of the game tells us that rating isn't far from the mark.

The game normally runs $2.99 but through the myAppFree deal, you can pick it up for free. If you give Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years a try, let us know what you think and remember to rate the game in the Store so the developer know what you think.

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  • That game is nice
  • Quick question. Why does WPCENTRAL report on weekly app deals (from the MyAppfee app) when apps are announced daily via the app?
  • It is literally explained at the bottom of the article.
  • Nope, it is not "literally" explained why WPCentral only reports weekly on Myappfree deals when the app itself gives users daily deals.
  • "Windows Phone Central is proud to be partnering up with myAppFree...Windows Phone Central is also highlighting select apps from myAppFree going forward"
    We're partners with myAppFree. Not everyone has myAppFree. Not everyone knows about myAppFree. We like to highlight quality apps and games that are free to make a better community. Do I need to go on? Holy shit, it's cross promotion so that new Windows Phone users can get free apps and games.
  • Yes, but why not promote Myappfree as an app that gives users a DAILY deal instead of implying that Windows Phone owners get a free app weekly?
    I understand that not everyone has the app installed but they should if they are the sort of person who wants everything for free. So I suspect that WPCentral ate capitalising on this app to be able to write an article once a week, simply because there is little else to write about.
  • Because i think not every app thats getting free are great apps?
  • @eroselim,
    That's a fair comment, bit I wouldn't rely on a third party to decide what apps are good and what are not. It really is up to the individual what they personally think about which apps are great or not.
  • I for one don't have the myappfree app but visit wpcentral daily so I just learn about the free games here. It's not a big deal for them to be promoting it. Just move on if you don't like it.
  • By relying upon this site for announcements of apps going free you have more than likely missed out on a boat load of deals that may have been of interest to you. So you can move on if you don't like that. ;-)
  • Stunt Star is showing up as $2.99 for me... is the deal over, or am I doing something wrong?
  • Like I said previously in the thread, Myappfree announce daily deals which means that apps go free for one day only. If you don't want to miss out on future deals then it might be a good idea to install Myappfree on your phone. You can then set the app to notify you with each deal daily.
  • Perhaps I wasn't clear in my message... I have Myappfree, tried to get Stunt Star on the day of the deal, and it showed up as full price, rather than free. I'm seeing ongoing issues with the Store... wondering if this is related.
  • My mistake then. Perhaps some deals are only available in certain regions then.
  • It's showing full price for me
  • It's showing full price for me as well.
  • Full price for me too in Aust.
  • Full price here in Argentina
  • Full price in India too :(
  • Looking at myappfree's twitter, this was the free app yesterday and is now expired