Subway Surfers picks up Bangkok World Tour update

One of the more popular endless-runner games for Windows Phone picks up yet-another update today for its World Tour. Yes, Subway Surfers, which always garners a plethora of tips from you folks, is now in Bangkok along with new contests, themes and more.

Head to the Store and version is sitting there ready for you to update. Kiloo games has even released a rather detailed changelog and accompanying YouTube video to demonstrate the changes.

Subway Surfers Bangkok

  • Follow the Subway Surfers World Tour to Thailand
  • Explore beautiful Bangkok with Noon, the elegant Thai boxer
  • Add Dino, the happy Facebook character, to your Surfer crew
  • Free your inner acrobat and reach for the High Jumper Awards
  • Boost your collection with the Turtle board and new Board Upgrades

Subway Surfers is of course free and despite the core mechanics never changing, at least they update their Windows Phone app the same day as iOS and Android. For that, we will continue to like them. That and you folks won't stop tipping us when it gets an update ;)

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: subway

Daniel Rubino

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  • Nice time pass..
  • Does this game still lag on low end devices? Because I uninstalled it long ago, disappointed.
  • Yes it does ... And sucks battery like hell...
  • Rubbish game
  • Minion Rush is far better!
  • Yup... I play everyday :P
  • Runs smooth on my 620 and 630, but the 630 seems more smoother to me.
  • No it's not.... But sometime when connected to internet
  • Same here..!! Tell me if the low end device lag gone else I won't install again..
  • This game still lags on L525. Don't know about the lumias with 512mb ram. But I guess it will lag.
  • Works good on 630.
  • Atlast what matters is whether the app update is same with other platform not the no. of apps :D
  • Now its just too boring....
  • Am I the only one here who isn't even remotely interested in this game anymore starting from two months after release? The game is old and all these updates do is change some textures on the environment and pickups over and over and over and over again!
  • I have no issues. It is a great time-passing app and the monthly refresh is good.
  • Hi guys.what your opinion about asus zenfone 6?
  • But does it run Window Phone?
  • *Windows
    Nothing runs Window Phone... :P
  • Sure ;)
  • WordFlow :'P :'P
  • Point!
  • Asus zenfone is not related to this article. Please comment about the article or the game.
  • We talked enough about this game
  • A cool phone with Windows 12.....LOL
  • Great, I love this game, a "Nice time pass" indeed. And by the way, works fine in low end devices (512 Mb).
  • Cool Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Who cares about such news??
  • We know you don't because you took the time to read and comment on this news..
  • They can change the environment bored of playing this game... Now moved minion rush it's more interesting... But one thing supporting wp with other platforms that's a great thing big thumbs up for developers....
  • Boring boring boring boring boring....
  • Your comment? Sure it is.
  • Yes... 100%
  • Who plays this anymore?? Duh..
  • Lagging on my Lumia 720 please resolve the problem
  • Like the game 2 years back now boring but thumbs up for the dev for supporting WP
  • A lot of glitches in on both my 1020 and 925.
  • there is such a thing as too many updates, even on WP. unleas this is sponsored, i would appreciate less news about subway surfers. also, please change this form, it's not good on IE metro.
  • Hey
  • Sawadee Krup!
  • Endless games always bore. Game should have Start and Finish. Its my personal opinion. I don't like Subway Surfers and Temple Run like games to be honest
  • A little laggy sry..
  • I'm using an android emulator called andy to run this game on my pc which is pretty cool