The sun will set on Amazing Weather HD for Windows Phone on March 17

If Amazing Weather HD has been your go-to weather app on Windows Phone, you might want to start looking for an alternative. We've known that the app was on its way out since early January, but now users are being greeted with a message stating that the app will stop working altogether on March 17. Amazing Weather HD's developer also confirmed the news on Twitter, stating:

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It's sad to see the app go, as we have previously cited it as one of the best weather apps on the Windows Store. Unfortunately, it appears the realities of developing for Windows Phone have made maintaining the service too costly to keep up. That said, there are plenty of alternatives, like AccuWeather and 4Castr, to consider if you're looking for another weather app to be your daily go-to.

Best Weather Apps for Windows 10

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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