Sunset Overdrive nets a hefty discount to $12 at Amazon

It may be an oldie, but Sunset Overdrive is still a goodie. And if you've been looking for a reason to give the game a shot, now is a pretty good time to jump into the game thanks to a crazy good 70% discounts at Amazon. For those keeping track, that drops the games price down from its usual $40 to just $12 once all is said and done.

As a recap, Sunset Overdrive pits you in a bright and colorful world where the population has been turned into toxic mutants by a contaminated energy drink. Mayhem ensues as you jump and grind through the open world of your city with crazy weapons and special abilities. Here's a quick look at what to expect:

  • An Open World with No Rules: Leap off buildings, run along walls, and grind power lines and rails to destroy your foes from every angle.
  • Lethal Weapons: Collect and upgrade an arsenal of unconventional weapons that use items like dynamite, fireworks, harpoons, and acid to destroy your enemies.
  • Mayhem with Friends: Seamlessly transition from campaign to Chaos Squad, an 8-player cooperative experience.

Keep in mind that this Xbox One deal is for a digital download code for Sunset Overdrive. While you'll miss out on the physical version of the game, the code will let you start downloading to your Xbox Right away.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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