Super Calendar updated to version 1.6 with new day and month views

The stock apps available on Windows Phone aren't bad. The built-in apps for things like email and calendar get the job done just fine. However, sometimes you need something with a bit more power and options, something that goes above and beyond. Which is why the Windows Phone Store is filled with alternatives for those stock apps. Alternatives like Super Calendar, which was just updated. Let's check out what's new in version 1.6. 

We first covered Super Calendar when it launched in early September. The app gives you more control and options over the standard calendar application you get on Windows Phone 8. Super Calendar  has received a handful of updates since we last covered it. Notable additions to the app include things like a new day view, new week view, custom colors calendar, new Lock screen styles and more. Today we're looking at version 1.6 in the Windows Phone Store with the following features:

  • Two new day views
  • Two month views
  • Separate style for front and back tiles
  • Refined week view
  • New lock screen style
  • Redesigned details page
  • Redesigned edit page
  • Settings screen chooser
  • Event color indicator in live tiles
  • Bug fixes

The default calendar application on Windows Phone is fairly limited with the different view types it gives you. Super Calendar handily beats the default application in the number and variety of ways to view your appointments. For example, the latest update provides not one, but two new day view and two new month views. There's also been a lot of improvements in the look and feel of the application. Things like the details and edit page have received redesigned, while there's a new Lock screen style. The week view has even been refined in this update.

Super Calendar is a strong alternative to the stock calendar application on Windows Phone. Already have it? Be sure to grab the update. New to Super Calendar? The app goes for $2.49 in the Windows Phone Store, but does include a trial so you can check it out before buying. 

Thanks for the tip Sean T!

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Sam Sabri