Super Dungeon Bros review on Xbox One: Time to fight with your Bros

It's time to fight against the evil hordes lurking within the dungeons of Rökheim. Play as Ozzy, Lars, or a number of other rock inspired avatars as you slice, dice, dodge and jump your way through layers of dungeons in search of the best loot in all of the land. This game is made for you to play as a group, and you'll need four players to survive everything that is about to be thrown at you. Are you ready for Super Dungeon Bros?

Face off in Cryptheim

Atmospheric coloring and simple shapes create the world of Super Dungeon Bros. You won't find visuals that blow you out of the water, or make you wonder exactly what you're seeing. Instead each frame is filled with small, cartoon inspired details and gorgeous backgrounds that make each location come alive.

Cryptheim is colored in glowing green shades, and the dark grey old weather beaten stone. Comparatively, Chillheim is filled with bright whites and blues of the mountains where it is located. Each location has its own story, and the graphics and color scheme play directly into these. There are even small details for each location, such as the color of lanterns, or loot.

Bros before Foes

Super Dungeon Bros is a game with a pretty simple premise that you may have seen before. Your goal is to mow through the waves of enemies that will apear as you explore dozens of procedurally generated dungeon levels. While there is a single player campaign that you can hack and slash your way through, the real fun comes when you team up with other players to enjoy it.

When you team up, you'll be able to use special attacks like the Bronado, or Brocano to destroy tons of enemies with no issue. In between using those bro-enabled attacks, your avatar will have to dodge, hack, and slash in order to get through the baddies that will try to swarm you.

As you play through the game you'll also find plenty of loot. There are coins to be found inside of boxes and chests inside the dungeon, as well as new weapons. After you get into, and through Bogheim, you'll also be able to unlock additional characters to play the game with. Super Dungeon Bros never takes itself too seriously and that adds a layer of infectious fun to the gameplay that can't be denied.

Rökheim needs your help

To say the story inside of Super Dungeon Bros is thin wouldn't be an overstatement. Instead of relying on a narrative to get you playing, they hope that the premise is exactly as ridiculous as you would expect after taking a look at the title. Instead the story winds up unplaying in little ways.

You won't find cut scenes, or conversations between the characters. Instead the real story is wound up in each of the three realms within Rökheim. From the dead being processed in Cryptheim, to the brewery that delivers beer to the realm from the mountains of Chillheim, to the spices in Bogheim that are used for the creation of potions.


Super Dungeon Bros is a brotastic dungeon crawling adventure meant to be played with friends.


  • Easy to jump into
  • Fun hack and slash game
  • Never takes itself too seriously


  • Gameplay becomes repetitive
  • Simplistic graphics
  • Learning how to use every move can take a while

Super Dungeon Bros adds some fun and flair to a classic genre by never taking itself too seriously. Pick a rock god and run through level upon level of dungeons in order to wipe out enemies and find all the best loot. We've given it a solid 3 and a half stars, and it's available now on the Microsoft store for just $19.99

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