Surface Duo dbrand skins available for preorder

Black Swarm Surface Duo Skins
Black Swarm Surface Duo Skins (Image credit: dbrand)

What you need to know

  • Preorders for dbrand skins for the Surface Duo are now live.
  • You can customize the back and logo of the device with a variety of skins.
  • Body skins cost $20 while logo skins start at $2.

Microsoft's Surface Duo will already turn heads thanks to its two screens, unique form factor, and the fact that it's incredibly thin, but you can enhance its look even further with dbrand skins. Preorders for dbrand skins (opens in new tab) for the Surface Duo are now live. You can customize the look of your Surface Duo's front and back or logo with skins from dbrand. You can also grab a multicolor Microsoft logo to don on the back of the device.

The front/back skins for the Surface Duo cover the exterior of the device. You can choose from a wide range of looks, including stone, marble, matte black, and wood. There are also patterned skins, such as "Matrix," "Dragon," and "Swarm."

The front/back skins cost $19.95 while the logo skins cost $1.95. The multicolor Microsoft logo is a bit more at $2.95.

Preordered skins start shipping in September, which lines up with the Surface Duo's release date of September 10.

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  • Get your hair dryer ready...!
  • i got mine . its white marble with the red blue green yellow logo .
  • Yeah, the Duo will turn heads with two screens. Just like tin foil hats in the coffee shop or the restored boxcar AMC Matador your dad has in the garage. But, just joking. What does the Otterbox protective case look like [chortle]?
  • Maybe I sound sensationalist, but I see this as a VERY big deal. Accessory support from a big brand like this says that Microsoft is really putting forth an effort to give a good experience to its users. Accessory support on Windows phones was generally spotty or poor. I had wondered about dbrand skins specifically yesterday, along with third-party case options. I like that Microsoft has this working for it.
  • Absolutely agree. Lumias always lacked support from mobile accessory OEMs. This is already a sign of progress on the overall ecosystem.
  • Not that tough for them to make a skin though. dbrand even makes them for AirPower, a product that doesn't exist. I'm sure they don't have to invest a lot in making a skin for something like this. BTW, they have a sense of humor. You have to read the marketing text for their Apple Card skin.
  • Seeing it next to those two fork lifts, it's a much bigger device than I thought.
  • If I get the Duo I'm just going to cut my own skin
  • I have a t-shirt and hoodie from WC that were released some years back with the Microsoft logo in the new Surface colours at the time, i.e. two squares in platinum, one in cobalt blue and one in burgundy. I'd love to be able to skin the logo on a Duo like that. The site does mention creating a multicolour logo but not seeing how to do it anywhere.
  • Ordered Titanium skin with Black Matrix logo - but for some reason Titanium is no longer available via the link in this article...
  • I noticed a lot of the original choices are no longer available.
  • I wanted to order the Hyperblack Titanium, but when I went to order it, the choices were limited. I emailed them about it and this is the response I got:
    "Thanks for getting back to us, and apologies for the misunderstanding. While the materials themselves have not been removed, we've opted for a more curated release of materials for the Surface Duo based on customer demand. At this point in time, we don't have any plans to expand the materials available for the Surface Duo. We do apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your support!" Seems weird to remove materials based on the demand of a product that isn't even available, yet.
  • I have been trying to order but my order would not go through. I kept on getting an error saying my address or cvv or card # is incorrect even thou all info is correct. I think the link is not working. Once my card was charged and refunded right back by dbrand.