Surface Duo now available directly through Verizon

Surface Duo Pen Headphones
Surface Duo Pen Headphones (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Surface Duo is now available through Verizon.
  • The only carrier that previously sold the Surface Duo was AT&T.
  • The Surface Duo starts at $1,379 (opens in new tab) through Verizon.

Microsoft's Surface Duo is now available through Verizon. Previously, the only carrier that sold the folding device was AT&T, though you could also purchase it unlocked and use it on your carrier of choice. The Surface Duo is avaialble from Verizon (opens in new tab) starting at $1,379.

Verizon selling the Surface Duo should make it easier to pick up for Verizon customers and could be a good sign for the device. While the Surface Duo didn't appear to come to Verizon with any fanfare or major announcements, its availability could indicate a demand that Verizon wants to meet.

With the Surface Duo available directly through Verizon, people should be able to get it through financing with the carrier as part of their plan.

As a reminder, the unlocked version of the Surface Duo works on Verizon, so where you pick it up depends on personal preference and if you want financing through a specific company.

Microsoft Surface Duo


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  • This is very promising. I am not ordering the Gen1 due to still paying off my Note9 but they can put me down for the Gen2 now.
  • Hopefully this will mean that they can add Wi-fi calling.
  • That was my first thought when I saw the headline! I think I'll give Verizon another call this weekend to see where that stands
  • It's only for business.
  • duk3togo, I don't think that matters for getting WiFi calling support: If Verizon carries the DUO, they will certify it for WiFi calling. That's all we need. Without Verizon's certification, we can't enable WiFi calling.
  • It's direct fulfillment which means it's for distributors and usually for businesses with no ability to do payments. Just like their surface pro x, go and others. It sucks because I wanted to get them lol
  • if only it had some way of attaching the stylus
  • @Dush Ku, the next best thing (for me) is the Surface Pen gen2. With the pen clip I place it within my shirt (I always wear button down shirts at work.) so it is always at my disposal. If I wasn't using the Duo I would have a pen there anyway so it isn't a departure from the norm for me.
  • Three things worth noting. The Duo is not listed if you search Verizon Wireless's device page. To find it, you would need to enter the word Duo in the search box. Also, there is no Verizon Wireless locked version of the Duo. Verizon Wireless is simply selling the unlocked version much like Microsoft itself along with retailers such as Best Buy. Lastly, the Duo is being sold online only. Verizon Wireless stores do not have it in stock.