Surface Duo unboxing: Watch Windows Central's Daniel Rubino go hands-on

Surface Duo Thumb
Surface Duo Thumb

Microsoft's Surface Duo is still a couple of weeks off from its official release, but review units are already starting to arrive. If you're eager to see a little more of the Duo ahead of launch, Windows Central executive editor Daniel Rubino went hands-on with an unboxing and closer look at the hardware Microsoft is serving up. Check out the video above for more.

Surface Duo is the first phone in Microsoft's Surface lineup, and it's also the first dual-screen Surface to make its way out of the company's design labs and into stores. For many, it's the realization of a years-long "Surface Phone" journey that will finally come to fruition on September 10. Ahead of the launch, you can preorder Surface Duo at the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, and AT&T starting at $1,400.

Looking to dive in more before pulling the trigger? Microsoft plans to have Surface Duos on display at Best Buy and AT&T retail stores starting August 28.

Microsoft Surface Duo


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