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Surface laptop review: MrMobile's new favorite

I've always appreciated the Surface line for its pioneering convertible hardware, so when I heard Microsoft had churned out a conventional laptop bearing the brand, I was dubious. That skepticism only grew when the details about Windows 10 S came in; how could a regular old notebook with a hobbled OS and a carpeted keyboard hope to live up to its storied forerunners?

I recently got the chance to put those questions to the test with a Surface Laptop review device from Microsoft. And after two weeks of real-world usage, the Laptop has become my favorite Surface to date (Alcantara and all). Click on through to the MrMobile Surface Laptop review for the rundown, and for all the details I didn't have time for, don't miss Daniel Rubino's full Surface Laptop review right here on Windows Central!

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  • Good review. Though I do not quite get the sling shot against Microsoft having set Bing as the default search engine in Edge, which both are their product. Google sets Google in Chrome as default engine as well. jeesh.
  • I think he was saying you could not change it. but you can
  • Indeed. Just as in every other browser. Edge offers a slightly different way though. instead of having a fixed list, if you visit google for example and then go into the settings for changing search engine, it will offer you to change to google. if you visit another search engine it will offer that one. IF you have a extension installed that has search functions, it will be listed too; like reddit
  • Windows 10S users cannot change the search engine.
  • True.
  • Right, but not in S, which is what he was talking about in the video.
  • You can't in Windows 10 S, though, that's what he was talking about.
  • Alright. That does not make sense. For such actions Microsoft got bashed in the EU in the Past, together with browser choice ... But I guess Microsoft does not learn from past mistakes. :-\
  • You can't add Edge to Chromebooks either...horses for courses...
  • That's because it's not available on any platform apart from Windows 10.
  • You certainly could if Microsoft made it available.
  • Closed gardens have rules. Apple can force Google to use the Apple rendering engine in Chrome for iOS. It is possible to make a Chrome for 10S, but they would have to modify it. Plus, MS is not in the market position they were, monopolistic exploitation arguments wouldn't work like then.
  • What he said^
  • I'm betting Google would not allow Edge on Android for some reason, but I would love to be proven wrong, last Google app to replace on my Nexus 7.
  • Simple: Bing is a glorified stinking piece of sh*t. Making it default is douchy. Not allowing you to get rid of it is just plain arseholery.   Google allows you to change the default search engine.
  • Then go buy a Chromebook, problem solved.
  • You provide a simple solution that nOKIA complains
  • I cant wait until my Lenovo dies so I can justify picking up one of these.
  • You make sure to back up everything. Then, it accidentally falls off your hand while you were slipped and tripped. How does that feel? 😁
  • A smashing idea ananve!
  • I just wish it offered USB C and 360 degree hinge for tablet use and then it would be 100% perfect for what I want.
  • I just wish it offered USB C and 360 degree hinge for tablet use and then it would be 100% perfect for what I want.
  • That's the two things that my 900 has over the surface laptop. But the surface laptop is beautiful and feels much better. 
  • Without TB3 (read previous article on Intel cutting cost and integrating it directly into the board right after current gen Surface were announced) USB-C has little advantage. I have devices with nonTB3 C ports and they are rarely used. The 360 hinge is a preference, they have the Surface Book for that.
  • Your comment on the Windows Hello just shows me you don't know MS products like you make out you do. Surface Pro 4 Hello is super fast and always has Google? Who cares, Chrome??? Who gives a frogs butt. Edge is great, and google is available. MS owns Bing so why wouldn't they use it????
  • It's not a matter of using Bing as the default. It's a matter of not letting users change that default.
  • is not hard to type or save as a bookmark or homepage.
  • Dp
  • So, just go to and do your search. It isn't a deal breaker.
  • But why add an unnecessary step? This isn't security related like locking it down to the Store.
  • Data related, the idea is about security. If you change the default search that is likely to affect other components like Cortana, which then releases massive data security to Google.
  • You can change the default ..... Edge -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Change Search Engine
  • A laptop without a 360 folding hinge in 2017 is a useless object.
  • Well, for you. For myself, Zac, and Fisher it's totally fine. Shoot, you're out numbered!
  • Daniel, I agree that you Zac and Fisher out number CFGX_20T.  CFGX_20T's comment is extreme, but I also think not including a 360 degree hinge is a big miss. A convenient way of taking noes, drawing diagrams and sketching would be great for college students, which is a target market for the Surface Laptop. I realize that a pen can be used, just not conveniently. I am disappointed that MS did not do a better job making the pen convenient to use. 
  • For me, I love the Surface tablet style. My wife and kids love traditional laptop styles... Different strokes.
  • Thanks Mr Mobile for this review. You have your own style for your review and I found it charming.
  • Chrome was probably killing his battery.
  • Nails it on the felt keyboards as a future "mess of germ gunk after a year in the dorms!"  Fabric on their type covers on what is an otherwise a strikingly clean, industrial design aesthetic, has been an odd choice with Surface from the begining.  
  • Yet the fabric on my Surface keyboards doesn't do that after years? I think you are overestimating the issue.
  • Loved the video.
  • He said that he was a Google person. Just like several on here are Edge and Bing people. I for one am deep in the Google Ecosystem. Nothings against Bing and Edge. I've tried both and went back to Chrome. Different systems for different people. All have their positives and negatives...
  • Reasonable, and some people would be fine with Chromebooks. I happen to like 10S for my kids.
  • This is the most boring device in the whole surface range. YAAAAAWWWWNNNNNN.
  • This is the most boring device in the whole surface range. YAAAAAWWWWNNNNNN.
  • Love the device but the price leap for 512 SSD is ridiculous...
  • Stay on the Surface my friend!
  • Very good review. I still don't think it is for me.
  • Just too expensive honestly. I mean it shares the same specs with laptops that cost half of what it costs. And while you get the fancy fabric, great screen, good battery life, and great build quality, I'm not sure if that is worth a $600 jump in price from another laptop with the same specs. I'm not sure if the jump from good to great in just a few areas is enough to justify $600.
  • This is Microsoft's first try at a laptop. if evolves like the Surface Pro Tablets line did the third model will be perfect and have a "C" USB port. now Microsoft has to make a Workstation laptop computer one that has a DVD burner and lots of ports including a "C" USB port. Some full Sized Laptop Workstations have replaced some folks desktop computers because they are so powerful..