Surface Pro 4 teardown from iFixit shows a slightly smaller battery inside and more

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 tablet just went on sale, and it didn't take long for the team at iFixit to perform its customary, and extensive, teardown of the product to see what it can find inside.

One interesting thing is the size of the battery. The 12.3-inch Surface Pro 4 has one that is 5087mAh, which is actually 9 percent smaller than the 5547mAh version found in the older Surface Pro 3. However, other reviews have shown the Surface Pro 4 actually beats the older tablet in terms of battery life. iFixit believes this has happened due to the "improved efficiency in the design and size of the processor" inside the Surface Pro 4.

There's all sorts of other interesting facts about the construction of the Surface Pro 4 in the iFixit article, including an x-ray image of the tablet's hinges that are a part of its kickstand.

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Source: iFixit

John Callaham