Surface Pro X begins testing new July firmware update for Insiders

Surface Pro X kickstand
Surface Pro X kickstand (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A firmware update is available for the Surface Pro X.
  • The update is only avaialble for Surface Pro X devices on Insider builds.
  • The update doesn't have a changelog at this point.

Surface Pro X owners can snag a firmware update for their 2-in-1 device if it's on an Insider build of Windows 10. We saw the update on a device in the Beta ring, but there's a chance that the update is avaialble on other Insider rings as well.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

We can confirm that the update, dated July 24th, updates the UEFI from 3.510.140.0 to the newer 3.517.140.0.

The firmware update doesn't have a changelog at this point, but that's normal for firmware updates for devices on Insider builds. A full changelog should become available once the firmware update becomes generally avaialble. While not set in stone, updates like this generally roll out a few weeks after they hit the Beta Insider ring.

Firmware updates don't usually include new features, so it's likely just a stability and performance update, though there's a chance that it's related to the new AI feature for eye contact during video calls.

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  • Applied to mine. Off hand, the face unlock is now back to normal (aka fast) speed. Unlocking with face recognition got increasingly unreliable over the last few months.
  • I am looking at the surface x as my next upgrade. Do you run any Adobe software on it? If so how dose it run. I fancy giving the x ago due to how it looks and being light ect but I need it for some simple Adobe AI work I do.
  • Abobe? No, stay away for now. Adobe promised support at the launch and as usual they failed to deliver anything at all since. Much Adobe software is x86-64 only, and that's the only kind the Windows on ARM can't even translate and run at all. If Adobe come good on their promises, then the Pro X is a great device.
  • Other than Adobe Acrobat as Realparadyne says. The Pro X isn't currently designed for Adobe apps.
  • I'd prefer MS fixed whatever the block is preventing the SPX from getting v2004. It was released 2 months ago.
  • A couple of days ago mine switched from "on its way" to "click to download and install now". But it's just back to getting part way and then saying it's not yet compatible like it was a month ago. It's getting silly now.
  • Me too. Exactly the same. It's bugging me to install an update it's cannot. Thanks for confirming it's not just me.
  • Same on mine. MSFT is incredible.
  • Eye Contact is included in this firmware update, check in the surface app, I havent tried it myself but someone posted about it on reddit
  • The eye feature/toggle was in the Surface app even before the Dev build added support; today's FW did not add that, nor update the app (that's not what UEFI does). Today's firmware, along with the updated Surface app and the latest Dev build, may have finally enabled it all to work, however. I say that because the eye-adjusting feature was announced as part of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20175 (Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel), and is not yet, AFAIK, a part of 20H2 (beta).
  • I'm on build 20180 with the firmware installed. Surface app crashes on opening. Uninstalled it and it is no longer in the app store.