Surface Pro XSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

What you need to know

  • A Surface Pro X update offered through Windows Update is failing to install.
  • There's no associated error message, but the update prompt continues to show up in Windows Update after restarting.
  • It appears this might be limited to people enrolled in Release Preview, but it's unclear if others are affected right now.

If you're hitting a weird update loop with your Surface Pro X, you're not alone. When attempting to install an update labeled as a "System Hardware Update" and dated June 15, Windows will prompt for a restart and fail to apply the update. Rather than presenting an error message, however, Windows continues to restart without issue and simply prompts you to restart again to apply the update in Windows Update.

Several Reddit users have reported seeing the issue so far. We've also been able to confirm the problem with two different Surface Pro X PCs enrolled in the Release Preview Insider channel. It's unclear if it's limited to Release Preview Insiders right now, but that appears likely.

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Surface Pro X Update LoopSource: Windows Central The Surface Pro X update that fails to apply.

The update's failure to apply doesn't appear to actually hinder using your Surface Pro X at all. Instead, you'll just continue to see Windows Update prompting you to restart to apply the update. Otherwise, your PC should continue to work as normal — you just won't be able to kick the update prompt.

If and when Microsoft provides an update on the issue, or if it resolves, we'll update this post.