Surface Pro X June 15 update fails to apply, leaving Windows Update in a loop

Surface Pro X
Surface Pro X (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A Surface Pro X update offered through Windows Update is failing to install.
  • There's no associated error message, but the update prompt continues to show up in Windows Update after restarting.
  • It appears this might be limited to people enrolled in Release Preview, but it's unclear if others are affected right now.

If you're hitting a weird update loop with your Surface Pro X, you're not alone. When attempting to install an update labeled as a "System Hardware Update" and dated June 15, Windows will prompt for a restart and fail to apply the update. Rather than presenting an error message, however, Windows continues to restart without issue and simply prompts you to restart again to apply the update in Windows Update.

Several Reddit users have reported seeing the issue so far. We've also been able to confirm the problem with two different Surface Pro X PCs enrolled in the Release Preview Insider channel. It's unclear if it's limited to Release Preview Insiders right now, but that appears likely.

Surface Pro X Update Loop

Source: Windows Central The Surface Pro X update that fails to apply. (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The update's failure to apply doesn't appear to actually hinder using your Surface Pro X at all. Instead, you'll just continue to see Windows Update prompting you to restart to apply the update. Otherwise, your PC should continue to work as normal — you just won't be able to kick the update prompt.

If and when Microsoft provides an update on the issue, or if it resolves, we'll update this post.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • My pro7 still not updated. MS, in some way you do a bad job!
  • Again, Windows 10 update failures on Surface devices is COMPLETELY unacceptable. When you control the freakin' hardware, you should be able to get that right. I totally give them a pass if there are issues on some obscure hardware build, but mainstream PCs and ESPECIALLY Surface computers, there's simply no excuses. It's not like Microsoft is some struggling start-up. They've exceeded a trillion dollar valuation, in recent history, so no slack cut, here.
  • “They've exceeded a trillion dollar valuation” Which has nothing to do with Windows 10. Microsoft is busy making money in other areas. Windows does not make MS much money these days. You should not expect Windows to be a priority for MS these days, because it clearly is not. If you doubt this, just look at the recent updates. And things are not getting better. Besides, NONE OF THIS MATTERS for the real Windows customers: Enterprise customers. They are not force fed this crap. They install these updates when the updates are ready. When are these updates ready? After they have been tested by consumers. Consumers who are dumb enough to install them on day 1. The little money that MS makes these days on Windows, comes from Enterprise customers. MS doesn’t give a damn about you, me or anyone else reading this. Nothing wrong with that. You focus where the money is, as any good business does. When you understand - and accept - this, it all becomes much easier. The bottom line is simple. Don’t rush to install any updates. Let someone else do it. You can always tell who the pioneers are. They are the folks with the arrows in their backs.
  • "Windows does not make MS much money these days. You should not expect Windows to be a priority for MS these days, because it clearly is not. If you doubt this, just look at the recent updates."
    That's oversimplifying a bit. What you mean to say is Azure/cloud has more growth potential (e.g. 59% growth for Azure last quarter) than Windows, as the latter is relatively flat (with occasional bumps due to WFH/EOL of W7). The ceiling for Azure is unlimited (right now), hence why the focus. PCs are an established commodity market, like refrigerators, cars, food processors. As divisions, "Intelligent Cloud" earned $12.3 billion, while "More Personal Computing" (e.g. Windows, Xbox, Surface) earned $11 billion. Those are single quarters. To say "The little money that MS makes these days on Windows" is some armchair CFO nonsense. Windows (and related hardware, platforms) are literally a 1/3 of all MS revenue.
  • Hi Daniel, Have you heard anything about Microsoft releasing Teams and Skype for Windows on ARM? If Microsoft isn't even going to fully support WoA how do they expect anyone else to. Thanks
  • Apple is the same.
  • My pro x still can't install the 2004 update. Is that ever getting fixed?
  • What is the hurry? It will install when it is ready.
  • Add yourself to Windows Insider - Release Preview. That said, it's not a life changing update and once you get it, you'll subsequently get an error with this hardware patch. I'd suggest to hang tight.
  • I installed the firmware update fine hoping it would end the block on 2004. I was wrong.
  • Issue after issue with Windows. The amount of money spent on these devices and them adding in the update issues and it is unacceptable. I want a Pro X and yet the issues with Windows make it unappealing. Very sad.
  • This issue is over blown. It installs the update just fine. It just doesn't acknowledge it's been installed. Easy workaround is pause updates and the nag goes away. I still love my ProX. Take "reports" with a grain of salt.
  • This update isn't being offered to mine.
  • Same thing is happening on my SPX which is on the Insider Preview. Has anyone in same situation tried to switch from Insider Preview to another ring/channel?