Surface Pro X preorders are now live starting at $999

Surface Pro X back
Surface Pro X back (Image credit: Windows Central)

Surface Pro X open on table

Surface Pro X open on table (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Surface Pro X is now available for preorder. It's expected to be released November 5.
  • Surface Pro X is Microsoft's first Surface to use Windows 10 on ARM and it packs a fresh, thin design.
  • Preorders are live now starting at $999 (opens in new tab) at Amazon.

Microsoft's sleek new Surface Pro X is now available to preorder. The 2-in-1 tablet, which is Microsoft's first to run Windows 10 on ARM, is on sale starting at $999 at Amazon (opens in new tab).

Microsoft worked with Qualcomm to design a custom Microsoft SQ1 chipset that uses the Snapdragon mobile DNA together with an integrated AI accelerator. It's essentially a suped-up Snapdragon 8cx, and it's expected to deliver three times more performance per watt than the Surface Pro 6. It will also be able to handle dual external 4K displays, and it will have both eSIM and physical SIM slots for LTE connectivity.

As for the display, you're looking at a 13-inch touch screen fit into the familiar 12.3-inch chassis, made possible thanks to thin bezel along the sides. It sits at a 2880x1920 resolution with a 3:2 aspect ratio, and it's compatible with the new Surface Pen Slim that stores itself within the hinge and charges on the move.

There are several variants of the Surface Pro X available for preorder.

All models are expected to be released November 5, 2019.

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  • Just ordered the 16GB/256MB version to replace my Surface Pro 4
  • Damn. 256 MB storage? Will that even include the Windows logo at startup 😂
  • If it had a smaller screen I would've consider it.
  • I wonder if a Surface Go 2 would just be a smaller version of this design with a different chipset? That'd be sweet.
  • Nice, but very expensive. Device will not serve my needs. I can already get by on MS Office apps on Android for my basic office needs. For major needs - Large VMs I need a beefy CPU and 32 GB of memory. I use these for demoing and training on enterprise software in the field. For those who have usage requirements in the middle ground the Pro X looks nice, but pretty expensive.
  • It's on-par with competing devices, but I agree that getting it to about $800 would have made it much more compelling. The real drag is that the Surface line starts so high and the Go got no refresh. I was hoping this thing was going to slot in to replace the Go market. At double the price, it's definitely not pulling that off.
  • I think the real issue isn't the starting price, but the price for additional storage. $300 to go from 128GB to 256GB? Really? I'm sorry, I'm not going to throw my money away like that. They are ripping people off for storage.
  • You can replace the drive later?
  • 8GB RAM in the base model is a welcome change.
  • Almost pulled the trigger too, but it does not show they keyboard or pen as in the box. Not sure if that is just because those components are implicitly part of the device or if they might be separate. Gonna hold off until this is clarified/confirmed.
  • No keyboard and pen included. Those will cost you more than $250 extra.
  • Could you source that, please?
  • They have NEVER sold the Surface with the keyboard (Except in pricier/limited-time bundles), and they removed the Pen a few generations ago, either on the SP4 or the SP5.
  • I am aware of that.
    However, the keyboard and the new pen do not have it exist under accessories or in a bundle and that seems odd.
  • Looks like you're right.
    That makes this device a pass.
    For the money, I rather go with the Pro 7.
  • I don't get why they're doing a replaceable SSD in this, but not in the SP7. I would probably look at the SP7 with a swappable drive or this at a lower price, but they've kind of picked the worst of both worlds with these releases.
  • Probably because this is a new design, so they were taking that into account as it was being designed.
  • Battery life? Someone claimed 14 hours. And that the SP7 battery life has been reduced to 10 hours. Do they measure battery life as before?
  • Really wanted to get this to replace my aging Envy x2, but the price of device plus pen and keyboard cover makes this nonsensical. I got the Envy for $999 all in. Here, I am looking at about $1800 for a decent config. Gonna stick with my Envy and look at Duo and Neo next year.
  • Are you comparing this to your laptop?
  • No. The Envy X2 is a windows on Arm 2 in 1 from HP. Runs on a snapdragon.