Surface Tablet Pre-orders appear to be going strong

The Microsoft Surface tablet became available for pre-order earlier today and it appears interest is high. The original listing for all three versions of the Surface, 64GB and 32GB with Touch Cover and 32GB without cover, as "delivery by 10/26".

It appears that the first shipment inventory for the 32GB version without the cover has already sold out. If you check the listing now, you'll see that the option being listed as shipping within three weeks.

The other purchase options still show the October 26th delivery date but we're not sure how long that will last.  You can find the Surface pre-order page here at Microsoft's online store (opens in new tab).

Thanks, Ryan, for the tip!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Is that for the US or the eight countries in total?
    Not too fussed about this as I preordered the 64gb with cover about 5mins after I got the email, this is in UK.
    Its good to see that the intrest is high, hopefully this will get the developers on board to start making the apps... The Win8 store is a little bare of decent apps at moment. Come on developers we love you really :P
  • The amount of apps for an Os that isn't out officially yet is pretty strong, I'm hoping MSFT is holding on to some for the win8 announcement and general development will follow soon after the launch. I would pee my pants if my xbla games worked at launch in rt though, it would be a killer blow to services like steam
  • Oh god yes please xbla games would be awesome. I also just read the Xbox controller works on it too.... However it didn't say if you needed a dongle or had to wired, I hope not, hopefully receiver is built in :D
  • Where are you guys hearing this because it sounds awesome lol
  • That would make sense. Xbox controller is a USB port enabled device. Wired ones anyways.
  • Well what about drives for the wireless adapter or just with Bluetooth?
  • The controllers don't use Bluetooth, the only way for the wireless controller to work is with the wireless adapter or if they built it into the tablet, which I kind of doubt. Xbla on it would get me to buy a wired controller at launch though for sure.
  • It is special Bluetooth, would be nice if it was built in. Hopefully the WL adapter works, though that is one long cord. Hopefully MS releases a nice little dongle.
  • It's not Bluetooth, but just another wireless link at 2.4GHz like WiFi, Bluetooth and lots of other stuff.
  • Since both WP8 and W8RT both use the same codes.  I think the apps from 3rd party will be released simultaneous on the office 10/26 release followed by the WP8 release in November.  :)
  • Microsoft stated that Windows 8 apps will be around 100K!
  • Yes, by early 2013.  It has to do with developers updating their apps to Windows Phone 8 codes then porting it over to Windows 8 Apps.  But I have a feeling a majority of the apps are ready to be released.  :)
  • Developers
  • hahah
  • Give us option to pre-order the pro!!
  • Yea I'll preorder two right now regardless of price
  • The Pro won't be out until like the beginning of 2013.
  • So I've decided to order the RT version even though I was strongly leaning towards the Intel version.  The thing is, after some research, for my business already on MSFT platform.  We can already provide RDP via HTTPS server and email through ActiveSync without Outlook.  I think the RT version would be useful for basic user without needing to install classic applications/software.  Since I work in IT, this forces me to use the Apps so I have a better understanding of the ins and outs. 
  • correct me if im wrong... But I dont think RT does RDP
  • You are wrong. There was a metro RDP app for a while now and it's beautiful. You can get it in Windows store right now if you're running Windows 8 preview.
  • i hope mine still comes on the 26th since i ordered it early this morning!
  • I'm hoping for a moderate but not crazy turn out at the Microsoft store near me so I can pick one up there at midnight without too much fuss
  • Ok I got an iPad 3 and may trade it in + a bit of cash for the Surface. The thing is, why should I change devices? Keyboard, live tiles and nice physical build aside what is there? What apps are there that are confirmed?
    PS: I'm no Apple fanboy, the reason behind my iPad purchase is because I invested in apps on the iPhone 3G when it came out, then switched to HD7 when it got released.
  • true multitasking (not too sure how RT version works on this one though)
    flash on the desktop version of IE10 (metro version still works just white listed)
    a kick stand that actually keeps the thing standing
    the awsome search functionality
    front/back camera both HD (apparently...)
    the GUI in Win8 as a whole is enticing enough for me, i don't really want to list each and every single thing....
  • Flash on a tablet-type device is dead.  The success of the iPad and the fact that Adobe has killed development of Flash on Android pretty much hit the point home. So that's not much of an advantage.
    Front / back camera - iPad has that.  The front is not HD but the rear is 5 megapixel for photos and 1080p for video.
    Kickstand is nice...not a must have but a nice touch nonetheless
    If by true multitasking, you mean the Snap feature, then yes, from what I've seen, Windows RT has that so that is a plus.  And I can't comment on the search functionality since I haven't used Windows RT or Win8 yet
    The biggest selling point for me is the inclusion of Office 2013. Let's face it, one billion people worldwide use Office.
  • I may be archaic, here, but Flash on a tablet will be HUGE for me. Though I understand some of the arguments against it, I would rather have the option of viewing it than be forcibly restricted from doing so. I saw it more as a move to control the marketplace, gaming and otherwise, than move to make the device safer and faster.
  • the reason i bring up flash is that there are still wayyyyyy too many sites that does use them and it still a pain when u accidentally navigate to those and can't view the videos, don't get me wrong i know flash is dead and wish that it died alot sooner, but until those devs actually get off their arse...
    front camera thing, ya i wasn't sure what the resolution was and didn't bother to check lol, but iirc the one on the ipad is 0.3mp where the surface is 2.0mp, now i know how useless it is to most people, but from looking around me, the girls use them for self photo alot and i hear alot of complain about the resolution when they were using iphone 4 and ipad 3... 
    oh ya, office, how could i forget one of the biggest reason lol
  • Built in Office does it for me.
  • Dude, the Surface has twice the RAM of an iPad 3. The Surface has expandable storage, USB ports for external HDD etc... HDMI out. Connect your Xbox or any PC game pad for true awesome gaming away from home... The apps will also come in droves, there is no question about that. You will have zero regrets. EDT: meant for Divination :-)
  • But isn't the i-pad 3g-4g? the surface is not for me that could be the killer that makes me stay with the pad or hit an OEM win8 tablet
  • I'm sure a network dongle will come out that is compatible with the surface
  • I'm just a bit worried on the software side of things. Gonna wait it out and see.
  • If you're talking about the Surface Pro, then it's worth it just to have a full computer.  If you're talking about the Surface RT, then Office coming with it is pretty sweet, and the side by side app view is nice. It really depends on what you're going to use it for.  To me, it just feels like a more modern UI.  With the iPad, you have icons staring at you until you decide to use an app.  With the tiles, it just seems more active... as if it's keeping you up to date without asking it. As far as apps go, there's really no way to tell how fast the apps will come.  I do think it will grow faster than Windows Phone because many people will upgrade their Windows 7 PCs to Windows 8 simply because the upgrade will be cheap for a limited time.  The more people with Windows 8, the more developers will jump on. But, there will be more iPad apps than Win8 apps for sure in the beginning, so you might want to wait until Surface 2... save up and buy that, but keep the iPad as well for any apps that aren't available on W8.
  • I remember a developer won a prize for making an app in windows 8 which ran all the android apps. not sure if it works on RT, but I think it would be an essential feature to smash the app gap. there are some killer android apps that are well worth bringing across.
  • A lot of people talk about how many apps are there for Win8 compared to gazillions on iPad. While that question may have some validity to it, the real question should be, what apps am I using now, either on your android or iOS ecosystem. Specific utility, finiancial, travel, news, games that matters to you that you currently are aware of that you use. Case in point, my case scenario might and will not be the same for every person, but one would be surprised that it does resonate with lots of folks. I currently have Samsung Galaxy phone, I'll say I have about 80 apps on my phone, I have truely without a doubt have never used more than 30 of them. The most used ones for me are my banks, weather, map, email, web, soccer, angry bird, 3 or 4 more games, utilities (widgets) that are very specific and developed to address the in-efficiencies and shortcomings of android, like cleaning the ram, moving apps to my sd-card because the damn thing can not install it there by itself, helping kill underground apps to converve resources and save battery life. facebook, flikr, and stuff like that. Windows already have all those.
    Thousands of other apps are very specfic for certain trdes and professions, if you and I are not in those trades and professions, we truly don't care, I bet you those developing for those trades and professions will get them done for Win8.
  • One other thing to add (sorry for double post), do you think you'll be able to use bit torrent on it?
  • Yes. Maybe not day one. But I'm sure some dev will get it on there.
  • Was wondering the exact same thing earlier :)
  • I'm guessing NO on the bit torrent as RT only installs apps from the Windows Store. Windows controls the apps in the windows store and the likelyhood they will allow a bit torrent app in is slim.
    Now, on the Surface Pro, or any of the Win8 tablets, you can install the bit torrent program of your choosing on the desktop side.
  • Not necessarily. The submission process for the Windows Phone marketplace is fairly similar to the Windows Store one and you can easily find torrent apps and torrent remote apps (even an official one from BitTorrent!) in it. 
    I think the chances are pretty good- just give it a week or two and wait to hear something from the XDA forums.
  • Looks like that they'll sell out of the 5 million they have saved up. Good job.
  • I just pre-ordered mine without the cover (seriously, who likes black?). Hopefully some people will cancel and I'll get mine sooner than 3 weeks.
  • Dats racist!
  • I cancelled few mins ago for the one you ordered. Ordered the one w/the cover instead. So there goes your luck.
  • I'm a little bummed that whilst ordering with cover, one cannnot choose the color of said cover. Other than that I'm sold, i'll coincide a weekend trip with a visit to an MS store that is conveniently right on the way to my destination.
  • It's because the black one's are cheaper than the colored ones. So you would choose 32gb without cover, then add the colored cover to your cart
  • And if you want a 64gb with a different color cover? You basically pay for a cover you don't want then have to buy another.
  • Yup, just preordered one, 3 weeks for surface and 10/26 for touch cover.
  • Same here.  3 weeks for surface and cover on 10/26.    Bummer, I wanted it on 10/26.
  • And so we see windows 8 started to silence the apple fanboys.
  • Lol yep
  • I've lost count of all the doomsday articles saying W8 is going to flop.Lets see what they have to say when the downloads start piling up.Im upgrading for 39.99 when W8 hits.
  • Wow iPad is cheaper and established brand :-(
  • iPad costs more.
  • You might want to do some actual fact checking.  The Surface is most definitely less expensive than the iPad. 
  • Here in the UK surface is priced the exact same as the ipad which I don't think will be good for sales.
  • Surface has more storage, more RAM, USB port, HDMI out, SD support and comes with Office so overall Surface is cheaper.
  • It has more storage for the same price idiot.
  • You're correct.  But to play devil's advocate, what the iPad loses in storage, at equivalent prices, it gains with a 2048x1536 HiDPi screen.  So that has to be taken into account.  That screen is very expensive to manufacture.  So a consumer will choose based what's the most important to them.
    It's cool having man great choices.
  • Literally the only thing anyone has said in defense of the iPad, is the gimmick of a display it has. Sad.
  • Isn't it 3g as well the pad that is......
  • The 3g iPad is another 100€ more expensive, at least in Germany. 32GB 3g iPad costs 699€.
  • Ok, so you can point to ONE advantage, which btw, when you see a surface in person might not turn out to be such a big deal after all. Of course iPad has more apps as well and I'd say that's a bigger advantage and selling point over screen resolution.
  • "Of course iPad has more apps as well and I'd say that's a bigger advantage and selling point over screen resolution."
    More apps is an advantage no doubt. but the screen resolution will be an advantage depending on the user and type of apps they're going to run.  Different strokes for different folks. Some will care. Some won't.  
  • The wife preordered ours while I was at work this morning. Email confirmed delivery by October 26. She saw the ad last night and immediately said we needed one because she liked the click. It was the easiest sale I've ever made!
  • Damn, I've been trying to come up with a decent excuse for buying one for hours ^^ I may just have to bite the bullet and admit that I just want a new toy.
  • That's a good a reason as any.
  • My wife paid for mine... Awesome!
  • :-D
  • You, my friend are my hero. How did you manage to do that. I am still trying to figure out a way to slip the details of my pre-order before the shippment comes through. There is NO easy way to tell her this, when I am also planning to get the 920. 
  • I didn't take my birthday gift back in June...When she asked what I wanted for my birthday, I said a SURFACE that will come out in October :). She happily agreed back then. She kept her promise, even though the price came out a bit higher than expected.
  • The 32GB version with the type cover isn't available anymore in the German store, and the other versions have delivery pushed back to the 30th. Good thing I got in a few hours ago :)
  • Damn... I guess I have to wait
  • Its times like these I wish I didn't have bills and a mortgage.
  • Same here.
  • Haters will say they sold out all 500 units.
  • well I ordered my 64 GB RT but I wanted to check the Pro version so far no release date on that or pricing, I am not sure if I made the right decision, whats the difference between getting the RT or an Ipad, besides the Ipad having more apps for tablets?. Should I wait for the Pro Version? or will the RT be almost as powerful.
    Important things for me on a tablet:
    Display Quality
    Battery Life
    Applications ( Legacy Counts but not a requirement as long as there are apps that can replace them)
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • I'm glad I wasn't the only one feeling this way. This morning, I ordered the 32gb w/o the cover. Well at 8pm, i decided I wanted a cover despite it being $100 more. So I called, cancelled the morning order. Told the guy I'll take a big bite and get the 64gb one w/black touch cover. Then he processed it and it didn't go thru cuz my bank has some security measure in place. So I told him to call me back in 15 mins so I can call my bank and clarify things.
    So I did. By the time he called back, I told know a 64gb microSD card cost $60 on amazon and probably even cheaper if I look on newegg or ebay. So  when he called back, I told him to give me the 32gb with touch cover. Just like everyone else, I'm peeved that they want us to pay $20 for the convenience of being able to choose the type color cover.
    I'm sure MS will have a firesale of some sort around black Friday but i'm sure it'll be around $40 or so and it will probably means few hours. Anyone know if IE 10 (non metro version) will wrk on the RT. I really wanted the Pro but I can't wait till 2013.
  • I see 2013 is a long time with no warranty on pricing, now yes my concern was between the 32 gb and 64 gb, which i already have a 32gb card, even though the 64gb card is not expensive it will provide 96 gb, of course is 100 bucks difference with the same size purchasing a 64 gb microsd will make it maybe up to 40 bucks cheaper, but also remember apps install in the internal storage, I may go for a 32gb model and cancel the other, i am also interested in knowing can you connect an external harddrive on it? Is the 40 bucks of an sd worth it? And which would be the best touch cover to get?(color) .
  • As far as I know you should be able to connect an external hard drive via the USB port.
    My brother has an old laptop which is broken and I'm planning to buy a cheap 10 dollars drive enclosure to make an 80GB External drive :)
  • If the RT version works with external harddrive that is great news, makes it an easier decision
  • NO NFC, NO LTE, NOT EVEN 3G, I'll wait until they come out with better spec then it's worth the money.
  • And GPS.
  • Its a tablet, not a smartphone. It is meant for home, library, coffee shop, etc usage. Were you planning to mount it on the windshield for a GPS, or take it to the gas pump to pay with NFC?
  • NFC would have been cool to share things with a wp8 device, but it's not a deal breaker. I guess bt can handle some of that functionality.
  • Without NFC, sharing files/data with other devices will need to go through the troublesome steps of Bluetooth. Comparing with other WinRT devices like Asus Vivo Tab RT and Samsung Ativ Tab RT, both have NFC. Ativ Tab even has GPS installed.
  • W8 has options for locations, better on a tablet than my desktop.
  • I wish they had a 64GB model w/o the cover...
  • The iPad is cheaper. The price should have been $399 without the touch cover, $499 with it. Poor marketing strikes again. Without a price incentive, they won't sell enough to grab market share from the Android and Apple tablets. What ever happened to the Microsoft that would price their products cheaper than the competition to provide incentive to buy their products?
  • The iPad 2 is cheaper but heck a 32gb iPad 3 is $599 and without a keyboard sooooooo......
  • Remember too the iPad has a 2048x1536 resolution screen vs the Surface's 1366x768 resolution screen.  I'm not telling you to choose one over the other but you need to take all that into account.
  • I dunno... I have an iPad 3... and I like it, but I don't love it.  Sure I can play games with a lot of iPhone/iPad friends.  But I literally can't do any work.  Lack of Office, lack of USB/microSD are major factors why I don't love it.  iOS also seems very outdated compared to the Windows 8 interface.  I also hate the changes they made with the latest iOS update.  It's hard to say for certain since I don't have an RT, but I would say that a Surface RT is much better (for me at least).
  • If the Surface RT suits your needs the best, then that's what you should go for.
  • Wow! I like your argument iPad screen resolution 2048x1536. The question is does your iPad can do productive work like office? At least Surface RT can be used for school and not just an oversize iPhone. I'm not even comparing it with the Surface Pro.
  • First of all, I wasn't arguing with anybody.  I was making a point to the previous poster to make sure he / she takes all factors into account.  To some (or many) that screen resolution is important.  I never told him / her to buy an iPad or a Surface RT.  They should choose the best device for their needs.
    As far as doing productive work, that depends on how you define productive work. Yes Office is important but there's more to productive work than JUST that. Pages is great at cranking out documents on the iPad and Keynote is a first-rate presentation creation software.  I'll agree, quality spreadsheet software on the iPad is seriously lacking.  Excel has no competition in this space.  
    Go search on the web and you'll find many people using the iPad for productive work in the area of music and photography. Here's a list of companies being productive with the iPad;

    And the list goes on.  Before you start spewing that the iPad is just a big iPhone, do your homework properly, otherwise you just sound like an ignorant Windows fanboy no different than the Apple ignorant fanboy that thinks Surface or Win8 will be a failure without even trying.  At the the end of the day, they're both great choices & both having their own trade-offs. Choose the one best for you & be happy.
  • Before jumping on the higher resolution is essential band wagon, people might want to pay attention to the Surface RT resolution.  It is the same as a standard laptop (the thing most people might already own).  I have still not seen a point to the hyper-resolution screens beyond being a marketing gimic.  If a 10.6 in screen will display Office with the same general resolution and display characterisitcs as my laptop, that is far more important to me for editing documenbts than looking at high res images on a device without a media card slot wold ever be....
  • There's nothing wrong about your line of reasoning.  If that's what works for you then that's what you should do.
  • I dare you to defend the iPad without mentioning screen resolution.
  • If the iPad is productive enough for the President to use, I'm confident it's productive enough for Joe Average.  Or are you going to tell me that the President doesn't do real work?

  • ok,
    1. The ipad is a status symbol. That's not important to me, but important to MANY consumers, just look at all the people walking around with those overpriced Beats headphones
    2. The ipad has a far more recognizable name and reputation.  As someone walking into a store, they will immediately recognize the ipad and know what it does. It's not that the surface isn't recognizable, but when you see the ipad's price tag next to the cheaper droid tablets, you know WHY it costs more.
    3. App ecosystem.. The ipad has more apps, apps people like, apps that people want so they can interact with their social circle of friends. photogram, words with friends, etc...
    4. Peripheral ecosystem. With over 8 million ipads in the world, you know that you can get "cool" extras for you ipad.
    5. GPS.
    6. wireless internet.
    Status and reputation are EXTREMELY important deciding factors when consumers concider high dollar purchases. If Pontiac make a car that has similar performance to the Corvette, they would not be able to get away with charging the same amount for the car, even if the Pontiac is better in some ways. Until WIN RT has the same status and reputation of the ipad ecosystem, it is ludicrous to try to compete on pricing.
    disclaimer. I don't own ANY apple products. I personally do not like the ipad. I REALLY want a WIN RT device and am holding out that the Samsung ATIV Tab will come in at a lower price point...
  • At Microcenter when they put the iPad on sale it's $449
  • Your point?
  • I believe their point is that the Ipad is cheaper and it will be a hard sell to convince the average consumer that the more expensive Surface is better than the cheaper Ipad.
    The new Ipad is being advertised in the apple store as follows: The New Ipad: With the stunning Retina display. 5MP iSight camera. And ultrafast 4G LTE. Starting at $499.00 The Ipad 2 from $399.
    That $499 ipad is for a 16GB, WiFi only model, but the initial comparison suggests that the Surface is less of a machine for the same money.
  • If you agree that the iPad2 is lower in performance and features than iPad3, then the table image below or check that link will be worth your while.,2817,2411035,00.asp
    So, You still think the Surface RT is inferior to iPad as such more expensive than iPad3 pound for pound. Note here that the comparison attempt to compare same features for their price points.
  • Just spent 2000 dollars for 1 with touch cover, 2 without, 1 cyan and 1 magenta touch cover
  • Do me favor
    Send one to me bes you got 3.
    Send me one with touch cover
  • I ordered 2 :)
  • Ordered two as well...customer support was excellent
  • I've been thinking Pro all along but now am getting tempted by RT. The more I think about it the more I notice that really I rarely use 'desktop' applications at home these days. But the way I've generally tried to explain why Surface will be better than iPad is because Surface is 'a real computer'. Don't want to limit myself going forward, but as cost reality sinks in I also worry what a Pro will run. Admittedly, I'm getting caught up in all the long awaited preorder excitement. But I'm starting to think that for the cost of a Surface Pro, could likely get an RT + a phone upgrade to WP8 (920 or 8x) + upgrade my current desktop to Win8. Any advice on RT vs. Pro, anyone? Remind me of the big "pro's" of Pro - and help me keep my credit card in my wallet tonight!
  • I think you answered for yourself when you said you barely use desktop applications. I think you want the pro to "future proof" it against something that's not really an issue for you- namely legacy programs/apps. Seems like you would be better off with a RT, WP8, and an upgraded PC. Make good value out of your money.
  • Or... wait, get the Pro version and simple get a port Replicator. This way, you have a powerful, fully functional tablet (with a stylus, mind you) while on the go that turns into a fully functioning PC (with large monitor, keyboard etc.) while at home. Best (practically speaking) of both worlds quandary solved:)
  • Thanks folks - words of wisdom & food for thought.. both lines of thinking, unfortunately..!
  • I seldom claim any advantages to living in Scottsdale but there is a Microsoft store in the mall up the road. While I think this is the device I want, I still want to be able to handle it first and will wait a few more weeks to buy if they are out of stock.
  • Guys shut up....u're all enticing me to order one up when my plan was to get it later...arghh
  • I like window phone and window 8 both
    What I have plan first upgrade my HTC radar to to HTC 8x in November then in Jan I assuming pro will lunch I see what I need then will decided go with MSFT surface or with Asus.
  • I see Microsoft repeating what they achieved with the Xbox which came late into the game but is now the number one selling console. The tie-in of Xbox, windows 8, windows phone and other Microsoft services by my prediction will see surface usurp iPad by end of 2013 if this momentum continues because unlike the phone, most people buy tablet off the shelf and not through contracts so no tie-ins to worry about. The more interest people show in surface, the more developers will build for it and then the iPad will have nothing tangible on the surface Bring it on Microsoft!
  • +1 think this applies to WP too
  • plus the success of the RT platform isn't tied to one product (the surface) as long as people buy win8 tabs, the windows store will benefit in general since tablet buyers, be it ARM or x86 hardware are going to be more inclined to use the app store to get software, which means more metro apps, which have to work on both types of hardware.
    plus with the way apple has trained people to think about how to get "apps" for their devices, anyone in that general demographic who buys a new windows laptop (especially the college crowd) is going to use the built in store to get new software vs finding it in other places.
  • Do US prices include taxes?
  • Nope! When you buy the product/products it will give you the total amount with tax. It is not like in Europe it has VAT included already.
  • Our order calculated the total price first, then uses our State's tax percentage, in this case Texas to calculate final tax.
    Below is my order detail
    Product SKU: 7XR-00001
    Product Name: Surface 32 GB without Black Touch Cover (Pre-Ordered)
    Pre-order release date: your order will be delivered by 10/26
    Unit Price: $499.00
    Quantity Ordered: 1
    Amount: $499.00 Product SKU: D5S-00005
    Product Name: Surface Touch Cover (Magenta) (Pre-Ordered)
    Pre-order release date: your order will be delivered by 10/26
    Unit Price: $119.99
    Quantity Ordered: 1
    Amount: $119.99 Subtotal: $618.99
    Tax: $51.07 Total: $670.06
  • I actually had a little difficulty getting the website to load. Took a couple refreshes.
  • I had issues as well, the servers are really busy according to their helpline but managed after a couple of attempts.
  • Ordered the 64GB one. I feel I am taking a bit of a risk with no reviews or demos available. Do we know if it will be possible to do phone software updates with the RT?
  • I dont think WP8 devices need a PC to do updates. WP7's will need Zune which wont be available on RT as its a desktop app so depending on your device the answer varies.
  • wp8 brings OTA updates, so no need to connect to a client. but the xbox music app should allow you to do updates to a wp8 handset if you want
    wp7 will need zune, which will need an x86 processor for win8 to run it. but i don't see wp7 devices getting updated beyond 7.8 so you only need something to get that last update on the phone.
  • I think they may have received more orders for the color covers than anticipated
  • Call me cheap but $100 for a cover (keyboard) is over priced! Either way I'll wait for the pro
  • I wanted the 32GB model, but my daughter who will be using it want the colorful touch cover and not the black that goes as a package for $599. (She is a HS student, She loves the fact that it comes with RT type MS Office, Which is the productivity software she uses the most) so I ordered the bare 32GB and selected the cyan touch cover keyboard as accessary, well that route cost me extra $20, but I think thats ok, because I want the cover colorful. For me, I'll wait for the Pro 128GB with the Blue touch type cover. If they bundle it same as the RT pushing the black cover as a package, I'll split em up as we did for my daughter's RT. Oh we got our order in before it sold out for the 3wks back order set. So we are looking forward to it come Oct. 16.
  • Late in the game and kinda off topic, but what are the thoughts on Pro pricing? I know it's all conjecture for now, but what are the best guesses? Gotta take my mind off that 'Preorder Now' button...
  • Another question, and it may be a dumb one.. Do we know if, going forward, 'major applications' (say Photoshop, or Blender, or Sketchup, or Gimp, or Expression Blend) will be developed as 'Metro' apps - usable by RT as well as Pro? Or will these kind of 'heavy / professional' applications only ever be in the x86/Pro realm, and RT only ever be for less substantial 'app store apps'..?
  • The resources required for Photoshop make it impossible to port the full functioning of it as it is today to the RT. Maybe next generation windows will do away with the RT Pro distinction, but for now, RT is just not powerful enough for heavy applications. That's not to say that there aren't "metro" style apps that do basic image editing, but they aren't Photoshop and can not do what Photoshop does.
  • Just pre ordered one. Im picking up the second one at the store