Surviving the Aftermath 'Hostile World' update hits Xbox One and PC, adds bandits and wild animals

Surviving The Aftermath Hostile World
Surviving The Aftermath Hostile World (Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

What you need to know

  • Surviving the Aftermath is an Xbox Game Preview game from Paradox Interactive.
  • Several updates have added new features and content over the past few months.
  • The "Hostile World" update mostly adds dangerous animals.
  • Surviving the Aftermath is available for $20 on the Microsoft Store at the Microsoft Store.

Surviving the Aftermath is an apocalyptic survival game from Paradox Interactive. Paradox Interactive is known for strategy games like Cities: Skylines and Stellaris. According to Windows Central's Samuel Tolbert, "since its release, the game has received numerous updates, adding new features like trading vehicles and Twitch integration." However, even more changes are on the way in the Hostile World update.

You can read about the main features below as detailed by Paradox Interactive.

  • Bandit attacks: Bandits are at the gate and will attack if you don't give into their demands. Have your colonists fortify your gate and drive them back before the gate is breached. Bandit groups that are strong enough to break your defenses will pour into your colony, wreaking havoc on everything while your colonists try to mount a counterattack.
  • Command Specialists: Take command of your Specialists while they are in the colony. You can now order Specialists to go on the offensive and attack invading bandits if your gate is breached.
  • Wild animals: Wildlife in the wasteland has become aggressive and will attack your colonists. Viscous beasts will cluster around resources, blocking access until they're defeated. Animals can go on a rampage and storm the colony, damaging buildings and eating crops.
  • **Shelter conditions:* Colonists have a mind of their own and will react to the player's decisions. They can even give helpful advice.
  • The developer has incorporated player feedback into the game's bartering and trade system. Players can now barter with wider reputation ranges, take advantage of special deals, and more. There are new combat events and buildings on the way.

Surviving the Aftermath is only available on Xbox Game Preview for Xbox One and in early access through the Epic Games Store on PC. It's unclear if or when it's coming to PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch at this time.

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