Swap your Nokia Lumia 920 housing shell with this how-to video

Windows Phone may finally be in third place in the smartphone wars, but we’re still a relatively small minority. That doesn’t really matter when we have such a kickass community. Need proof of that? Just look to Lemmiwinkles/Martin S. A few weeks back he shared with the Forums how to swap your housing on the Lumia 920 to get a new look. He’s gone ahead and made a video to show you step-by-step how you can do it yourself. Video time!

If you’re looking for cases head to eBay to see if you can take your black Lumia 920 and turn it into red, yellow or white. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find cyan or gray online. We did see a grey genuine housing online for a brief time last week. Either way, it’s a relatively easy way to give your 920 a new lease on life until you wait for Eos.

There should be nothing stopping you now from swapping the housing on your Lumia 920. Just make sure you’re ready to put up with the increase in attention from everyone swooning over your ‘new’ Lumia 920 in yellow. Have any other questions about the process? Ask below or head to our forums where Martin and others can help you out.

Thanks again Martin!

Source: YouTube, Windows Phone Central Forums

Sam Sabri