Swype Input keyboard ripped for most devices

You almost have to feel sorry for the companies that dare place their proprietary software onto a Windows phone these days.  For if it is good software, the hounds are let loose to rip it out and .cab it for all others to use within moments.

The latest victim would be Swype, the new fangled keyboard app that is featured on the Verizon Omnia II.

The app is available in .cab form and acts just like another optional input system on your device, so there is no need to only use it while learning its funky moves.  It is suppose to work on Touch Pro 2, Diamond 2 (Pure) and other VGA+ devices, though mileage may vary (reports of ROM variation having an effect have been reported).

[via 1800 PocketPC]

Phil Nickinson

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  • Works well on my Sprint Touch Pro2 running MightyROM. One issue I am seeing is names don't pop up when you type in the "To:" section of a message - or at least initially. I found that if I typed Kevin, my list of Kevins didn't come up, until I backspaced and removed the N, then the list appeared. Other than that, it's pretty slick! Definitely a cool one-handed option!
  • The first paragraph perfectly explains one of the biggest problems for WinMo developers and why many feel the need to jump ship to other platforms. ROM cookers frequently cross the line separating customization from piracy. Unless WinMo users (read: ROM cookers) begin respecting developers and their work, soon only iPhone and BlackBerrys will have decent apps. (Android is now having the same problem as WinMo.) Bring the flames on! I already have my firefighting uniform on.
  • I agree with you pretty much 100%. OTOH, one could argue that custom ROM users are a tiny minority of the Windows phone world and really don't have a huge impact. Going further, one could argue that it acts like a form of viral advertising. For instance, if Swype becomes very popular, companies like HTC and their carriers will began to demand its inclusion in devices ergo, Swype gets more licensees, as it becomes one more thing to advertise/push with the device (like how VoiceCommand is now included nearly in every release when before it was a rarity; CityID is another, reappearing on the Imagio). It's certainly a double-edge sword and ultimately I agree it's wrong, but like I said, there are benefits including "Swype" being mentioned on nearly every WM site now.
  • Maybe they should have called it "SWIPE"!
  • What a terrible article...
    Number one -- almost ALL custom rom communitys (ppc geeks, xda, modaco) do not condone piracy what-so-ever. As soon as Swype told us about this (on modaco at least), the mods there posted a message saying that swype was NOT to be offered at all on that site for cab download or as part of a custom rom. Then, Swype were nice enough to let the i920 chefs integrate swype into their custom roms, since it came with the phone when we bought it anyways.