Will Swype sweep you off your feet?

Our pals at Android Central seem a little stoked that the Swype keyboard is coming to Android. And they should be. They have capacitive screens. (Yeah, we're going there again.) That said, we're still not convinced this is going to revolutionize on-screen keyboards, and we're not too crazy about the side-by-side test you see above. But what we do love are options, and Swype certainly presents that. Look for it next week on the Samsung Omnia II. [Techcrunch]

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  • meh
  • I think of myself as reasonibly technical, and sometimes things are just too complicated to get into. Swype. I don't want to memorize a new way to type, I just want a SIP keyboard that react fast enough to my typing. PCM Keyboard works perfect for me with a lil touch response vibrate for that feeling of a hard keyboard.
  • I think it looks pretty cool personally.
  • This seems pretty cool and I'm fairly certain that this was developed by the same man who invented t9, but it is way too late for me to want to do any further research than what I remember seeing previously.
  • Good morning all, a similar product is long time ago available
  • so during the youtube video around the 17 second mark i literally reached in my pocket, pulled out my iphone, opened up the notes and started texting what was already on the omnia screen.. strangely enough i finished at just about the same time considering how the demonstrator had a head start and i still corrected a few mistakes that i made.. i dont really consider myself a master "texter" considering i just got the phone a month an a half ago. the guy using the iphone was purposely texting a great deal slower because there is no way i should have been able to reach in my pocket, pull it out, and finish up the same time as the omnia user. not trying to down swype, but lets have a REAL comparison instead of trying to trick viewers into believing something that isnt true. i challenge you iphone users to do the same thing i did and i guarantee you will find the same thing i did. not to mention had i already known what i was going to type im positive id finish way before the swype.. but it is kool how he did that with only one finger (kudos.. but who really texts with one finger, i mean really?)
  • I agree with you man. If you'll also notice, the iPhone user was taking the extra time to click on "123" to enter his periods, instead of the obvious double space. Lame attempt guys.
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