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Synchronise audio playback on multiple Windows Phones with soundSYNK

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a Windows Phone to stream music to other Windows Phones so each one plays the same audio file at the exact same time? Well, we have too. But that trail of thought will be answered with soundSYNK, an upcoming exclusive app for Windows Phone. Once again the platform will have an offering that will be restricted to Windows Phone and it sounds brilliant. So, what's soundSYNK all about?

The clue is in the name and with what we've already explained above. It's an app that has come out of Microsoft's Imagine Cup and is the product of 4 "young music crazed entrepreneurs." The idea is to utilise multiple devices to play music and create a surround sound effect. Say you have multiple devices in each room, in different locations within those rooms, and you fire up soundSYNK. The app would then play the same song in each room, on each device at the same time. 

Using Bluetooth, soundSYNK solves the issue when playback can be a second out on a single device, which then sounds nothing short of awful. Using other phones (and supported devices) as speakers, consumers can create music systems with minimal effort. Of course, we're not suggesting that multiple 8X Windows Phones pumping out some tunes will sound as good as a home theatre system, but it's cool nonetheless.

Check out the following video which explains soundSYNK perfectly. And what better way to advertise a product than with some Skrillex?

Speaking of other supported hardware, Windows 8 will sport an app too. This will allow those who own Windows tablets and machines to also churn out the notes in synchronicity. The concept itself opens up a number of situations where such functionality would prove useful. So when can consumers look to be able to check out soundSYNK? Later this year. Fear not as we'll be sure to update you all with the progress.

Source: soundSYNK, YouTube; thanks, cedarlog, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Its like software sonos. Big business, if they can crack into the market.
  • I was just going to say that! You could hook up each phone to a set of speakers and create a multiroom system with ease in a Sonos-like (albeit less proprietary and much cheaper) fashion. Great for entertaining!
  • But Bluetooth.
    Such a short range.
    If they could sync over your home WiFi it would be much better.
  • Is this not similar to what Samsung demoed on their SG4 launch??
  • I wouldn't know because I couldn't stand to watch the whole thing. Way too cheesy...
  • Yes, way too cheesy!
  • That's what I thought too.
  • Yeah, I thought the same thing to, although I did watch the whole thing I didn't think it was cheesy I liked it, was more interusting that most boring Keynotes & showed "real word" examples of the new features the phone has...still don't want one though =P.
    I love the idea but I don't think this sort of thing should be restricted to a certian platform it would be better if this was a multi-platform application, as the more phones the better it'll be right? However with saying that the disadvantage is that differnt phones have different speakers even when just restricted to Windows Phone only as some phones might be louder at generating sound than others, for example my HTC 8X doesn't sound that great when playing music full blast some times (or maybe I have a faulty speaker; even that is a seperate issue in itself lol)
    Don't get me wrong I love the idea but I'm skeptical.
  • Yes. Thats wat I thought after reading it... They call it innovation specific to S4 devices.... where we can use it on all WP devices irrespective of the make... :) WP great!!!
  • Pretty cool tech! Excited to see it in action. My wife and I both have Windows phones and Windows 8 computers, this will be fun to play with.
  • I love the idea.
  • Hook up the devices to speakers.... Sick.
  • Haha I used to do this with my computers and MPD, it was good fun.
  • Nokia midrange phones, like the Lumia 810 need multiple phones to play music at once with this trashy audio playback they keep putting on their midrange phones. Nokia need to contact JL Audio and get some real playback quality sounds on one phone.
  • Should've gotten an 8X
  • I like my 820 sound quality, much better, imo, than the 800, which I also have.
  • 8X may have better sound quality, but if I drop the L810, roll over with my dump truck, have it keep falling off my navigation cradle onto my shifter it will still work for many years to come.
  • Just use separate speakers
  • Sounds kinda pointless but interesting, nonetheless.
  • If you are mostly alone, then yeah, it is pointless.
  • This is great!
  • No..I've never wondered that..
    But now I have!
  • Wow! I was trying to do something like this a few hours ago when the new Daft Punk song was leaked. This would've helped a lot.
  • I'm torn. This is REALLY cool and I'm glad that Windows Phone will be a forefront of something pretty cool.  It is unfortunate for me that I have almost no one locally to use it with. 
  • No.
  • Look at  It launched a month ago at SXSW and got Shaq's app pick of the show.  Does anyone want it for their Windows Phone?  It is currently IOS and will launch next week on Android and Windows 7/8.
  • That's in the works too? Giggity.
  • Wow great idea!
  • Hope it comes to windows phone 7.8 as well. So we can join in on the action :P
  • Instead of this questionably useful feature, how about making WP able to stream music from windows media player's media sharing (DLNA) library? It's annoying when an MS device cannot take advantage of any features offered by Windows OS....
  • I'm genuinely excited for this app!
  • While the capability is cool, I'm still trying to figure out a reason to use it.  If I'm at home (or someone else's home, for that matter) I'd much rather listen to music over a real sound system.  The Play To capability makes this so many orders of magnitude better than something like SoundSynk.  I just can't see setting a bunch of phones around and listening to subpar quality sound (regardless of how impressive the smartphone's speakers may be) sync'd.  I just can't imagine a real-world use for this for anyone who is a real audiophile.
  • Copied from S4, you fanboys say everybody copies Microsoft. You just can't accept the truth ass lickers.
  • We have app here. We do not call it an innovative technology and specific to S4 as informed by Samshit. This App works on all WP8 phones. Android has Dead screen. WP is Live.
  • I like to sync music between rooms and even out in the back yard during parties, this would be pretty cool if it works as advertised across Windows 8 and Windows Phone. I was going to hardwire some speaker outlets but I'll take this any day of the week. (Hev devs, release this in time for summer, please!)