System Shock, the classic sci-fi first person role-playing game from Looking Glass Studios, was first released in 1994, is coming back in a new, and graphically revamped, version. Developer Night Dive Studios has released the first gameplay trailer for System Shock Remastered, which will be released on PC and Xbox One.

Night Dive Studios has already released System Shock: Enhanced Edition, which lets players with modern operating systems play the original game at higher resolutions. However, System Shock Remastered will revamp the graphics and user interface from the ground up, using the Unity engine. The new trailer, which shows pre-alpha footage, is already looking pretty amazing at this early stage.

System Shock Remastered will be released for the PC and Xbox One sometime in 2017 and Night Dive Studios plans to crowd source funds to finish the game via a future Kickstarter campaign. In addition, Night Dive is working with OtherSide Entertainment on the next all-new game in the series, System Shock 3.