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T-Mo getting Dash 3G on July 1, Touch Pro 2 July 22, Visual Voicemail July 16

Sure, T-Mobile getting visual voicemail is a cool thing. But what we're more interested in with this shot from TmoNews is the frakkin' launch dates! You can plainly see the Dash 3G (aka the HTC Snap) is set for launch on July 1 (that's a Wednesday). There's also a date for the Rhodium (aka Touch Pro 2) which is either July 12 or 22. And then Visual Voicemail, which everyone knows and loves from the iPhone, would launch July 16.

Stay tuned, folks. Hopefully we'll see an unmolested shot of the Touch Pro 2 launch date soonest. Thanks, David, for the updated pic!

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  • Two reasons why the Rhodium launch date is July 22... 1. The logical...the data in the screen shot seem to be sorted by the Product Launch the Rhodium launching after July 16 would only mean July 22 as the launch date for the Touch Pro2 2. The conjectural...if you look closely at the arrow pointing to 7/16/2009, the right-side stroke of the arrow head seems to cut through the base-line of the number 2. If you look at 1 elsewhere on the screen-shot, there is no base-line for it.
  • Reason 3: Look up. :) Thanks, again, David, for the update!
  • When do you think we will see unbranded versions of the Snap popping up on EBay?
  • i called tmobile today and went to a local store, and they had no plans on releasing a new phone in july. maybe in august lady said and will probably be g2 "aka tmobile magic". i need a new phone and want the tmobile snap.