T-Mobile Announces Shadow - $149.99 on Halloween

We were less than enthused with the T-Mobile Wing, but this Shadow appears to more than make up for it. Specs are about the same - Quad-band GSM, WiFi, 2mp camera, microSD. It also has a nice 5-way/jog wheel that I first used on the Blackjack II and think should be standard now for WM smartphones. There's also a slide-out “suretype” keyboard, as well.

But, ah, T-Mobile, I might not use the words “High Speed Internet” when describing the features. I know it has WiFi and all, but EDGE doesn't count as high speed anymore. Hate to have to be the one to tell you that, but there it is.

Anyhow, it comes in brown and green (erm, “copper” and “sage”) and sells for a very reasonable $149.99 with contract.

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WC Staff