T-Mobile Dash 3G live and in the flesh - and without Inner Circle

Maybe it's because there are three versions of this phone floating around (and we're still betting AT&T will announce one at some point), but it seems like the HTC Snap is everywhere at the moment. Sprint's version is on sale now. Verizon's was just announced and is coming real soon. And now here's video from MobileBurn (and they have a bunch of pics here) of T-Mobile's variant, aka the Dash 3G, which we're still expecting in mid- to late-July.

Mike also notes in the video that the "Inner Circle" feature, which pushes e-mails and the like from a select group of contacts to the top, appears to be missing, confirming what we first heard some months ago.

Look. The Snap's a fine phone and a nice evolution for Windows Mobile messengers. And we definitely don't want to overlook the importance of a that kind of workaholic phone. (Hell, I'm using a Moto Q9h.) But we're dying for something shiny and new. OLED. Capacitive touchscreens. Multitouch. Marketplace. Something. Anything. Please. Soon.


Phil Nickinson

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