T-Mobile Handing out Free Extended Batteries to Shadow Users

We never thought the Shadow's battery was all that bad. Although it clocks in at a very small 920mAh, it's always managed to get through a day of average use for us. It's crazy-small, but it's not joker-crazy-small. Apparently we haven't really been putting our Shadow through its paces hard enough, though, as T-Mobile has decided to start packaging an extended battery (and battery door) with all new Shadows. The new battery is 1350mAh, which means it should last about 50% longer -- it better, given that it adds a new hump to the back of the phone. Click on through to see the hump -- it's noticeable but not, ahem, crazy thick.

A nice bit for current owners: you should be able to call up T-Mobile and ask them to send you one, free of charge.

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WC Staff