T-Mobile HTC Radar 4G clears FCC--landing soon?

Good news for those on T-Mobile wanting the HTC Radar 4G--the device has successfully cleared the FCC, meaning it's in T-Mobile's hands now to approve it on their network and get it stocked for shipping.

The 3.8" screen, "4G" speeds and slick front and rear cameras make this is a solid middle of the road offering on T-Mo, especially with that white eye-catching color. The only other interesting info from the FCC docs that we can see is the model number: P106110. So if you see that number anywhere else, you know what phone its referring to.

Hopefully with those Mango updates coming this week, T-Mobile will get this phone out the door sooner than later. AT&T has the Focus S FCC cleared as well, so it looks like these two are aiming for the same time frame.

Source: FCC; via TmoNews

Daniel Rubino

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  • I spent ten years with T-Mobile and despite great prices, great customer service, and acceptable network, this is exactly why I left them in January. They so very often get the middle range phones with the super phones and better selection going somewhere else (with Android it was Vzw, now with WP it's ATT). My heart goes out to you my former TMo brothers and sisters.
  • Still cant believe T-Mo will only have this as their new Mango device and not offer the Titan as well. They must really hate WP7.
  • If this is the only Windows Phone they are going to offer then I am out too.I also been their customer for ten years (great prices, great customer service, and good network) but if this is all they care about Windows Phone then I can find another carrier for my family plan (5 lines) that has better selection of Windows Phone.T-Mobile need to stop offering so many crappy Android phones and offer more and better phones like HTC Titan or Samsung Focus S.They didn't offer DVP in stores otherwise they could sell tons of it.Well I give them till January if they offer Better Windows Phone good for me and them if not then AT&T will be my next carrier (even tough I hate to say it, lol).
  • Man nobody wants this wack **** phone. Bring on the Titan or the new Samsungs...sheesshhhhh.
  • Dont even care if this phone lands, crash or disappear!!! Hope this is not the only phone on T-Mobile and boy do we need more WP7 devices because if there's more of them out there, this one will surely have slipped through with nobody even noticing than it getting a release or coming soon or whatever all over the blogs.I've got 2 lines ready to upgrade and they called me to make a offer but surely not for this. The Titan? F*@k YES!!
  • may I ask what en demonios is wrong with this device? this senseless bashing really isn't necessary and it's getting old.
  • The processor is slower than the Titan, the screen is small and the white phone with a metro ui looks really bad to me. I actually feel it is the ugliest combination I have ever seen on a phone. I won't buy it, but I won't leave TMobile for the Titan either. Hopefully Nokia will have something to offer on TMobile.
  • Dude watch what you say. If you like it so be it but the whole point is that it's the ONLY phone so far that's coming to Tmobile and that's a problem. I'm not going to buy this with no removable battery, 8 gig of storage and a 3.8 screen! I use the HD7 with 16 gig but want to upgrade my contract before the takeover(if it goes through) but not for this. If you find that senseless then so be it. Now I know how fans of wp7 on Verizon and Sprint feels like with only one WP device to choose from.Sorry if you are offended with other people expressing how they feel about this phone but face it, in today's world of smartphones, this phone only on a network is not ok. Hope they have a trick or two coming!