It appears that T-Mobile is joining the ranks of wireless providers who are restructuring data plans but this time, it deals with broadband data. A leaked employee training sheet shows T-Mobile will offer three, pre-paid data options for their mobile broadband devices.

Termed "passes" the three options are as follows:

  • $10 Week Pass: 100mb of data or 7 days.
  • $30 Month Pass: 300mb of data or 30 days.
  • $50 Month Pass: 1GB of data or 30 days.

As the training guide indicates, "Prepaid plans give the customer the option to have Mobile Broadband and pay for it as needed."

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Currently, T-Mobile offers two broadband options; 5GB per month at $39.99 and 200mb per month at $24.99. It appears the key difference between the new plans and existing is that the new plans will not require a two year contract.  Still, the difference in the top two plans is a little puzzling.

Expect the new plans to come into effect later this month. No word if T-Mobile's smartphone data plans will be restructured.

via: Endgadget