T-Mobile quietly upgrades 2G network security

T-Mobile US is quietly upgrading the security of their older 2G network, moving to more advanced encryption that prevents eavedropping. The new, more secure network has already been deployed in at least three locations, New York, Washington, and Boulder, Colorado. The T-Mobile 2G network has previously relied on older A5/1 encryption, with the new security standard known as A5/3.

From the Washington Post:

The upgrade involves switching to a new encryption standard, called A5/3, that is harder to crack than older forms of encryption. Testing by The Washington Post has found T-Mobile networks using A5/3 in New York, Washington and Boulder, Colorado, instead of the older A5/1 that long has been standard for second-generation (2G) GSM networks in the United States. More advanced technologies, such as 3G and 4G, already use stronger encryption.

Do you still rely on T-Mobile's 2G network, and how do you feel about this security upgrade? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Source: The Washington Post

Joseph Keller
  • Rather see the L925 updated
  • This right here. And my signal drops to 2G only when I go in a mall or something similar.
  • "The Nokia Lumia 925 is expected to be updated later this year" this is what I constantly heard from them on Twitter
  • +925 This has been way to long...makes rethink tmo.
  • I've learned my lesson in purchasing devices from carriers, never again!
  • I would love to send txt msg from 928 (on Tmobile) without having to switch to 2G. I was working before but one of DP updates "broke" it
  • Who uses 2G in the US?
  • It happens sometimes in large buildings where signal will drop down to 2G.
  • T-Mobile. In way too many places.
  • ^---  Cricket employee astroturf alert...
  • Just a former longtime T-Mobile customer that knows better. You're way too paranoid. 
  • I don't see the point.... 2G at this time in present???
  • Yeah, I'm assuming it doesn't take any hardware update to make the switch, otherwise that's a waste of resources, I feel.
  • You must not use tmobile. 2G is still very much used especially in large buildings or on large lakes.
  • When will their 2G be completely upgraded?
  • I'm on the 4g network on T-Mobile.
  • Great. Now maybe they can upgrade to 8.1. JESUS.
  • I would like better coverage
  • Then choose a better carrier.
  • this is funny...
    a new encryption standard, called A5/3
    A5/3 is also around 10 years old... Edit... oh and A5/3 has also already been cracked...
  • Didn't they say they're upgrading the 2G network to 4G or LTE by next year
  • Why do that garbage, make all you 2g areas 4g
  • This helps against the "stingray" which is the device the police use to make to a fake cell tower that intercepts your call and SMS data.. God move T-Mobile!
  • Thank God!  Far more important to do this than get me reliable 3G/4G/LTE coverage at my home that you claim is in coverage nirvana. Note to self: Be sure to call all friends named Mohammed.
  • Seems faster