T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 in the wild ... again

Yep. There it is. The T-Mobile-branded Touch Pro 2, along with some accessories, presumably what will be packaged with the phone. You know. After it's announced. And then released. In other words, not seen in leak after leak. Still looking for a mid- to late-July release on this one.

Via TmoNews

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  • I see the sync cable and the audio adapter but that other big mess curly isn't a wired headset and the other is to thin to be a case. What in the cr@p are those accessories?
  • One of those accessories looks like a wall charger.
  • Yeah. Probably the wall wart, USB cable, headphones (?) and that funky USB/headphone/sync/whydon'ttheyjustputinanormal3.5mmjack adapter.
  • Congratulations T-Mobilers, but for the love of all that is holy, will AT&T PLEASE go ahead and announce this beauty?
  • Any word on a Sprint release date? August 1 would be excellent, that's when my discount kicks in...
  • Last we'd "heard" was mid-June, so ...
  • So tomorrow, right? =-)
  • Um, sure. Keep checking back with us hourly. And tell your friends to do so, too. :)
  • Why T-Ghetto? I just dont get it.... HTC's flagship going to the land of sidekicks and G1s first.
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