Touch Pro 2 appears headed for T-Mobile USA

Oh, the ROMs, they are a 'leakin'. There's some buzz going on at XDA Developers over a Touch Pro 2 ROM that purportedly has ties to T-Mobile in the United States. (Don't be alarmed by the picture above — it's an engineering prototype and the shell wasn't finished.) We've known for a while that the Touch Pro 2 is coming, we just don't officially know to which carriers, or when. (We do know that T-Mobile Europe has picked up the Touch Pro 2.)

But what XDA user d474rpr says what we have here is a ROM destined for T-Mobile. Some digging cropped up the same U.S. country ID code as is used on the Dash and Shadow, so this is looking pretty good.

MyFaves are on board, as are YouTube and Telenav (not sure if they're stub apps or the whole thing). The Facebook application that we've already seen ported from WinMo 6.5 also will be there. Another unknown is whether a T-Mobile touch Pro 2 would support its UMA Hotspot @ Home service, which would route calls through your home broadband Internet connection when available.

If this is all on the level, it could prove to be an exciting year for Windows Mobile fans on T-Mo.

Via AllShadow and Pocketnow

Phil Nickinson

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