Touch Pro 2 appears headed for T-Mobile USA

Oh, the ROMs, they are a 'leakin'. There's some buzz going on at XDA Developers over a Touch Pro 2 ROM that purportedly has ties to T-Mobile in the United States. (Don't be alarmed by the picture above — it's an engineering prototype and the shell wasn't finished.) We've known for a while that the Touch Pro 2 is coming, we just don't officially know to which carriers, or when. (We do know that T-Mobile Europe has picked up the Touch Pro 2.)

But what XDA user d474rpr says what we have here is a ROM destined for T-Mobile. Some digging cropped up the same U.S. country ID code as is used on the Dash and Shadow, so this is looking pretty good.

MyFaves are on board, as are YouTube and Telenav (not sure if they're stub apps or the whole thing). The Facebook application that we've already seen ported from WinMo 6.5 also will be there. Another unknown is whether a T-Mobile touch Pro 2 would support its UMA Hotspot @ Home service, which would route calls through your home broadband Internet connection when available.

If this is all on the level, it could prove to be an exciting year for Windows Mobile fans on T-Mo.

Via AllShadow and Pocketnow

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  • damn...if tmobile actually gets this, then that means officially every damn carrier is going to carry this. good for HTC...but seriously, the minute this is available for at&t, i'm gonna sign a new 2 year contract and upgrade
  • If TMo USA picks this up, all I can say is it's about time. Tmo has neglected its WinMo pro line for a long time. The Wing was mostly a cosmetic "upgrade" to the MDA, which is why I had to get an unlocked Tilt. As long as the TP2 works on TMobile 3G I will be happy, especially as this is a more worthy upgrade to the Tilt than the Touch Pro/Fuze on ATT was. Happily standing by for some TMo WinMo Pro 3G love!
  • What's all that white stuff on the device?
  • Glue. Dude at XDA says this was some sort of engineering prototype.
  • yo rob, my wing is great. it took a little tweaking but its great now. clocked at 288mhz, tcpmp, goggle maps w/ streetview, 16g sd card, kinoma media browser, plantronics pulsar 590e bluetooth head set. ALL GOOD!!!!
    BUT...... i can't wait to get my hands on the touch pro2. i have been with Tmobile for several years now and i know that their phone roster has a lot to b desired and this would b a great addition to the family. i also think Tmobile in conjuntion the NBC should make available some type of media services.
  • I'm not surprised at all that T-Mobile is getting this.
    Now Verizon on the other hand.... At least we are definate that the TP2 is coming to the US, unlike some other really nice 3.8 inch screen phone whose name I won't mention...
  • Touch Pro 2 will Absolutely use T-Mobile's 3G bands but I really hope it takes advantage of UMA which I miss when I had on my Curve when I upgraded to my G1.
  • T-Mobile is for kiddies. I find it hilarious that HTC would castrate their phone like this by having it on one of THE worst cellular networks in the U.S. Bravo HTC. When can we expect the Touch Pro 2 to be released on big boy carriers for people that like having more than 1 bar of signal strength and not be consistantly billed incorrectly. Let me know HTC.
  • Dummy. It's coming out on almost all the carriers.