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T-Mobile US gets exclusive ad free version of Words with Friends

File this under surprising but those on T-Mobile US have a little treat waiting for them in the Windows Phone Store: an ad-free version of Words with Friends.

Not only are they getting the game seemingly earlier than anyone else (it’s available right now) this version has no ads within it unlike the version we recently played with on our Lumia 920.

Reviews so far have been favorable and seeing as it is free and has no bandwidth sucking ads, we have to give T-Mobile a nod here for giving their users this little treat. We have no word on whether other carriers will follow or when the general availability of Words With Friends will occur, but we’re thinking it has to be very close.

You can pick up Words With Friends right now from any Windows Phone on T-Mobile's network by hitting the link here. Thanks, Geoffrey S., for the tip!

QR: Words with Friends

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • How's that 8X review coming along Daniel? Lol :-P
  • And the 920 review.
  • "You can pick up Words With Friends right now from any Windows Phone..." Yes! *Clicks link, greeted by "The app is not available for your device" message, goes back to article. "...on T-Mobile's network." Crap.
  • Do you always skip the title and first 3 paragraphs of an article, or just this one?
  • Only in Sundays after daylight savings time.
  • What phone are you using?  Just tried it on my HTC Radar 4g worked like a charm.  Thanks WPCentral!
  • Doesn't work on 900 AT&T
  • Umm did you even read the article?
  • Yes I did, and is why I was responding to the person I posted a reply to. Did you even read the chain?
  • The article stated this was a TMobile exclusive not AT&T.  But according to another reader he stated he was able to get it to work on another network.  Hopefully, you'll get it up and running. 
  • I suppose it may not work on non T-mobile phones, even if you're on the T-mpbile network. Unlocked Lumia 900 on T-mobile here.
  • Yes confirmed you can download it with ANY Windows phone! I just downloaded the app on my Samsung focus S unlocked of course I'm on t-mobile network.
  • It didn't work for me. I have an unlocked Lumia 900 on T-mobile.
  • Worked fine here. Unlocked 900 as well.
  • Weird, doesn't work for me.
  • Was really hoping that this was a Ativ S announcement ha ha ha
  • +1 but for now I'm off to play words with friends on my HD7
  • We can dream right? I guess for now I gotta settle for the 8x
  • I KNEW it was a reason why the T-Mobile Emblem was on the Words With Friends logo at the WP8 event!! Good looks to T-Mobile for giving us this nice bonus!!
  • Yep I noticed that as well. I thought it was odd that no one ever pointed ot out.
  • Rubino knows things.
  • Good stuff. The Windows Phone story is changing slow enough not to notice but fast enough to surprise most.
  • Not so slow ;) In Italy wp is +6.5%, iPhone -4% ;)
  • Best of both world I have Tmobile & Nokia Lumia
  • Was hoping the link would work for T-Mobile UK but no luck. Sucks :-(
  • Good work Tmobile. I'm on AT&T so I can't get it, but I won't join the anti-exclusive chorus in the key of whine that is certainly warming up to perform their familiar tune. That being said, I plat Words By Post and have for a long time. Since it was always available on WinPhone, Android and iOS, I even convinced many to switch to it. I think I'll stat loyal to the developer that wanted WP customers all along.
  • •play, not plat
    •stay, not stat
  • I see nothing wrong with playing both.
  • ... You can edit your posts :P
  • ...not from the app. :(
  • Hit delete and it puts your comment in the textbox again for editing & resubmission
  • Nice...Works....
  • Curious as to where this is available with the store. Does T-Mobile have its own special place or does it sense a T-Mobile sim card? If so, I wonder if you put a T-Mobile sim into an unlocked L920, would you be able to download it?
  • That would work. As long as it's a active tmo sum card.
  • Confirming this works. Downloaded on unlocked at&t Lumia 900 w/ T-Mobile SIM.
  • Yes! I'm planning on getting the Lumia 810 the day it hits the store shelves and I play Words with Friends religiously. Can't wait!
  • I'm with you Lumia 810 is nice, and I can't wait to get one.
  • Same here I will picking a lumia 810  without the wireless cover bc it makes the phone looks too fat :P
  • It's cool that it also has a super sensitive touch screen like the 920.
  • Does it have 8gb built in and microsd slot?
  • yay - I'm downloading it.  The big question is now that Verizon has a lumina coming out, when I switch carriers to one that actually has 4G and coverage, will I be able to re-download it?
    And thusly, does anyone who really wants the game merely beg some friends to borrow a WP7 device & T-mo sim then re-download on their primary phone?
  • T-mobile does have 4G and they're rolling out LTE as we speak
  • Speed is speed no matter what you call it. Tmo is just as fast or faster than Verizon. Now coverage is all depending on your location. Tmo might not have coverage where you're located. Then by all means switch to Verizon if they do. Just be prepared to lose unlimited data and pay 2 to 3 times as much as you do now for comparable plans.
  • I'm prepared - in my area it feels like T-mobile as been decreasing coverage and I'll pay more for services I can actually use.  FWIW,  the game works decently on my DVP but it's not as polished as the iOS version.
  • Now Tmobile just needs to get a great phone to go with it... the only choice is the 'food stamp' Lumia, or POS HTC (I realize that's kind of redundant when talking about an HTC).  My only hope at this point is that the rumors of the Surface phone are true; there's no way I'm 'upgrading' to either of those phones... even with exclusives like this.
  • LOL @ Food stamp Lumia
  • plus one still laughing as I type this
  • The 8X is far from POS. Stop the pathetic bashing.
  • I agree the 8X isn't a POS but Nokia by far has the best exclusives, wireless charging and accessories. Therefore when it comes to Tmo, we lose out on those things are sacrifice hardware in the device to get them. It is a lose lose situation. But I'll probably get the 810 on launch anyway because I'll never go to ATT :[
  • Sorry... I should have said "IMHO the HTC is a POS".  There... does that make it better for you?  I must admit that I haven't actually seen or held the 8X yet, but it wouldn't matter anyway; I've owned multiple HTCs, and won't and won't do so again.  They always have the promise of 'just enough' to make it OK, but living with them is like being stuck with Burger King, while others around you are enjoying 5-Guys or In-N-Out.
    A perfect example is the screen on the 8X... sure it's a higher resolution that the Lumia 810, but it's a Super LCD 2 instead of AMOLED. It's like buying a WalMart brand HDTV.   Plus, the camera... I'm fully confident that it will continue the sub-par performance of all the HTC phones that have come before it.
    But hey if it trips your trigger, more power to you... someone out there has to be buying the Hyundai's of the world.  It won't be me though... if HTC was my only choice for a Windows phone I'd seriously consider switching to an SG3 (and I HATE Android).  I'll wait to see if the Samsung Ativ is coming to Tmobile... if not, then I'll stick with my POS HD7 and wait for the Surface phone (or something better than the initial WP8 devices we're currently seeing).
    See that's the great thing... I get to have my own opinion, and I get to purchase what meets MY needs... no matter what you think.
  • Super LCD 2 is just as good or better than AMOLED plus the FFC has a wide angle and can record in stereo. Can the 810 do that? Didn't think so.
  • "Super LCD 2 is just as good or better that AMOLED" - Sure it is... and WalMart brand soda is every bit as tasty as Coke or Pepsi.  Look... it's not that I don't believe you... no, wait... that's EXACTLY it... I don't believe you. :)  I've seen Super LCD screens, and they sucked... so I'm not going to bother with Super LCD 2.  But that's OK... you can buy it if you like.
    As for the wide angle FFC and stereo recording - those are both non-issues for me.  What do I care?  It's not like I'm filming a major motion picture with the front facing camera of my freakin phone!!  If I used the FFC at all, it'd just be for Skype calls... and recording in stereo doesn't do anything for me, since all I'm doing is recording day-to-day stuff... like my kid playing. Why would I care if the sound is in stereo?
    Also... when did I say the 810 is better?  Is that what you thought I meant when I called it the 'Food Stamp' phone? Didn't you REALLY think you had a 'gotcha' moment there with that line?
  • I guess you like the overly saturated colors and burn in risks that the AMOLED screens have. Super LCD 2 screens have more realistic colors.
  • I guess I do... in fact I can't wait to have Pong burned into my screen from leaving in on while I go out to play!
    Look at you... you're going to be so self-satisfied aren't you?  You'll be sitting there with your little pudding cup, talking out loud (to no one) about how you were SO right.  Giggling at me and my over-saturated burned-in screen!!  That is, of course, if I can even find a phone worth buying... but don't let that stop you!  Oh no... you're way too clever for that!
  • I agree w/u on htc. I've the hd7 too and that pos doesn't charge anymore for 5 months now. Bought a new luck. Never buying an htc again.
  • I've had my HD7 for a year just about and have had no problems with it. Maybe you have a defective model. There's defective models no matter which OEM you go for.
  • Um... Aside from the unibody, the HD screen and PureView within the camera, the Lumia 810 is essentially the same as the 920. Thus, calling it a "food stamp Lumia" is pretty ridiculous, but whatever floats your boat.
  • All of those things you said are a big deal the screen resolution is worse and the make of the screen is worse making it not as good when in sunlight. It comes with way less memory though you can SD card it and it only comes in black. I probably wouldn't choose a color other than black but its nice to have choices. The battery is also a smaller size and to top it all off its looking like they are going to be charging the same price for the 810 as the 920 unless your on a value plan which most people aren't.
  • While the resolution isn't as good, it does feature 'Sunlight readability enhancements', a 'Polarization filter', and 'High Brightness mode' which should be more than adequate for outdoors. According to the site its SD card slot is capable of up to 64 GB plus the 8 GB on board for a total of 72 GB. As far as color choices, on T-Mobile US it also comes in Cyan. And finally, although the battery is 1800 mAh versus 2000mAh for the 920 the talk times are nearly the same (10.2 versus 10.8) plus it is removable which is good if I need to swap it out during the day or if it fails in a year or so. In regards to pricing, this may or not be true, but if you're on T-Mobile US and not on ATT then it is what it is. Don't get me wrong, I would rather have the 920 for many reasons (refresh rate, three mics, higher res screen, better (?) camera, etc.), but I can hang with the 810 until the next gens come out; especially if a Surface phone ever comes to be.
  • It seems both Nokia's website and T-mo US website have different ideas of what the phone can support as T-mo says 32gb and Nokia says 64gb.  I would trust the Nokia site more except for the fact that I recall (don't quote me on this) that they will only support up to SDHC not SDXC microSD cards.  Though 72 or 40 is still more than 32, I would rather it all be internal as no need to spend ANOTHER 20-30 dollars on an SD card just to get similar space as now your 810 that doesn't have the same specs but is the same price is up to 170-180 just to have one extra comparable feature.  I mean I have no choice in the fact that I am getting the 810 because it offers much more than the 8X in terms of "extras" but I would have preferred if they did not have an exclusive on the best spec'd device for WP8.  Welp, I just hope my 810 can last a 2 year contract as I don't usually upgrade my phone until the contract is up. HD7 since day 1 and than probably 810 at day 1!
  • Umm... Aside from the nicer interior, the better engine, and overall better build quality the Kia Soul is essentially the same as the Volvo XC90... right?
    Sorry, but I'm not buying that.  What your saying is it's acceptable that the structural quality of the phone, the screen that I use EVERY TIME I INTERACT WITH THE PHONE, and the camera that I'll be using as my day-to-day image and video recording device are of lesser quality.  That may be OK for you... but I'd like to have a better option; especially when I know such options exist.
    The Lumia 810 has the same screen resolution as all the WP7 devices from the past two years.  The one thing it has over the 8X is that it's sporting an AMOLED screen, instead of a Super LCD 2... so I suspect you'll at least be able to use it outdoors on a sunny day.
    It also has only 8Gb of memory, so don't load up too many apps, or songs, or take too many pictures/videos!  Oh... but you say it has an SD slot?  That's great, except for the fact that Windows Phones can't use the SD cards for apps or music... so I'm not entirely sure WHAT it's useful for.
    No... for me, the term 'Food Stamp' is a perfectly apt descriptor for the Lumia 810.  Having one would be about as nice as relying a Sidekick as my daily mobile device today (IMHO).
  • Sweet! Even though I don't play anymore:P
  • That's just icing on the cake. I was already planning on going to T-Mobile when my Sprint contract expires.
  • What's with all of these exclusive apps? This is downright terrible for the OS IMO.
  • Totally agree. Should the fight be with the other OSs not internally. What good is hampering your own OS. A nexus device is looking a little better.
  • Or u can just goto T-mobile. Apps aren't everything
  • Couldn't agree more!
  • What happened to nokia
  • I don't care.. Words by post is the BEST
  • Wordfeud is better.
  • +1
  • Since T-mobile only getting 2 phones they are making up for it other ways. lets see some more
  • T-mobile and their exclusive deals are not good for WP (sarcasm related to Nokia exclusives) :-]
  • I just want Zynga texas holdem
  • I was able to download and start a game no lags and so far it works fine.  Way to go T-Mo!
  • I wonder if I was to trade sim cards with my gf who has T-mobile if that would let me get the game...and if I then put my sim card back after would I still be able to play...I should try it...
  • Anybody?
  • LOL We asked the same question at the same time!
    I think you can because I have an unlocked Lumia 900 w/ T-Mo now but I was still hesitant so that's why I asked.
  • Now I just have to wait till my gf is asleep and switch sim cards and get the game then switch them back :O I could always ask but this way is more fun! :P
  • It's rather locked to a specific product code of your handset than the SIM card.
  • Something just popped up in my head, if you were to change SIM cards on your phone, could you get those carrier exclusive apps?
  • Someone quick, tell Molly Wood that WWF is finally on Windows Phone ... maybe this time she won't have anything to critizice about /s
  • Thanks T-Mobile! Will this work if I use an unlocked phone on their network though?
  • I can confirm that this works even if you have an unlocked phone such as myself. This HTC Titan has not failed me yet. I'm in no rush to get a new phone.
  • I didn't work for me, I have an unlocked Dell Venue Pro.
  • Oh wow, sorry to hear that. It's working great for me.
  • Awesome. Just added to my 920. It rocks.
  • Just got it, nice! Glad it's not wp8 only
  • Yes! Total surprise for us.
  • I was so excited I had to register to post this comment!
    It works well on my HD7 (Day 1 adopter). It's about time we T-mobile customers caught a break. I was tempted to get a Lumia 820 to get this game, but now I can get the 8X! But now there's no hurry.
    Edit: It works well, but takes about 20 seconds to fully launch, then several more seconds to sync your games. Live Tile and notifications work quickly. I wonder if the lag is just because I have an older phone, or if it is a bug Zynga will fix?
  • Game works pretty well on my hd7. Glad tmo finally got this out. Now we need draw something.
  • Do you login with Facebook or directly with Zynga?
  • I used my Facebook.
  • Should the swapped out T-Mobile SIM card on my unlocked AT&T Dell Venue Pro come from a T-Mobile Windows Phone? I borrowed my son's card, but he has an Android phone, I was still unable to download the game.
  • It uses micro sim. So just ask tmobile to transfer your account to that micro sim.
  • I'm confused, what uses micro SIM?
  • Maybe its just my hd7, but the games really lags for me and crashes ALOT! maybe some updates will refine the experience. Great addition for windows phone and mobile though!
  • All I ask is that when the 8X and 822 launch that Verizon actually offers the same selection of exclusive stuff they give to their Android phones, like NHL know what. I just can't win, can I?
  • This did not work for my unlocked euro titan on at&t network, hey guy with your titan are you using a custom rom? Anybody have tips?
  • Even works on german T-mobile thanks Telekom :)
  • Not available on my T-Mobile locked Dell Venue Pro.
  • mine T-mobile DVP played it just fine.
  • That's it? Come on tmo! Can do better than that! Where is the Ativ S as rumored?
  • Boo!
  • Not liking this fragmentation, Microsoft is supposed to be building the brand but we have carrier exclusives to their flagship phones, and now exclusives to one of the top apps in the world....Good luck explaining these hoops to a would-be adopter
  • Seems like it's worth trying twice. I already downloaded it but I wanted to share with a friend so i just went back to the page and now it says not available. Ironically, I was on WiFi before and now in on the cell network at work (I'm a T-Mobile dealer). Maybe try downloading over both WiFi and cell?
  • I tried to download but it says my phone is not compatable. I have a tmo us htc radar. Not sure why it isnt working.
  • Same with me. All of a sudden my phone is not compatible. I have the HTC radar 4g 7.5 OS. Don't know what happened.
  • I was able to get it yesteday morning, but couldn't download it on my wife's Lumia 710 in the evening. I posted a question on the T-Mobile support forum, we'll see if it get's a response:
  • Was able to download it on my wife's Lumia 710 last night, looks like it's up and running again
  • I finally got it to download to my DVP, and I'm pretty disappointed. Wordfeud is so much better. It lags, the UI is horrible & the Live Tile sucks. I might as well be playing this on an iCrap.