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Here at CES 2013, Windows Phone news is few and far between (though no worries, we have some stories coming up in the next day or two). We’ve already seen quite a bit of the Huawei Ascend W1 which was informally announced here at the convention.

Today we got a chance to play with some of the other colors besides black for the entry-level phone. The W1, following Nokia and HTC, comes in White, Black (soft-touch), Cyan and Red and we have to admit the color scheme continues to work with those themes on board (there is a “dreamy blue” custom Accent color as well).

Though the 4” device with 1.2Ghz dual core CPUs won’t be for everyone it’s not a bad low-end phone at all (though Windows Phone 8 stutters a tad with 512MB of RAM).

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AT&T Pantech Duo Gets 6.1

The Duo of Pantech Duo owners (get it?) can finally rejoice because Microsoft is blessing them with 6.1. Don't remember the Duo? We forgive you, but recommend you check out the dual-slider action to get a feel for how its pending replacement will work.

We're actually a little surprised to see this dual slider get a 6.1 update, not that we're complaining. We sorta thought the new rule was that if a replacement is imminent, 6.1 wouldn't be. Isn't that the lesson we learned from the Treo 750, whose promised WM6.1 update is nowhere in sight? (Or, hopefully, the 750's WM6 download is being taken down to make way for it).

We digress. The new 6.1 is available through a "quick" download weighing in at 90Mbytes and as with all updates, make sure you back up all your info before you proceed. Looks like AT&T is actually following the road map they had set out.

Big thanks to Bla1ze for the tip!

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After this week's shocking revelation that Windows Mobile 7 has been delayed to the back half of 2009, and all the hoopla surrounding Android, we're looking for some positive OS news wherever we can.

So here goes.

Jason Langridge notes in his MSDN blog that Windows Mobile 6.1 has been blessed with Common Criteria Certification. And he wisely points us to Wikipedia so we can find out just what the heck that means.

Common Criteria is based upon a framework in which computer system users can specify their security requirements, vendors can then implement and/or make claims about the security attributes of their products, and testing laboratories can evaluate the products to determine if they actually meet the claims. In other words, Common Criteria provides assurance that the process of specification, implementation and evaluation of a computer security product has been conducted in a rigorous and standard manner.

Makes sense to us. So congrats, Windows Mobile team. Job well done. Now get back to work on WM7 (he said, smiling)!

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The HTC Touch Cruise - the keyboardless follow-up to the Touch and precursor to the Touch Diamond - never managed to officially made its way into the United States.

And while that didn't stop people from importing the device, tempers have flared as we've seen other phones in the HTC family receive update after update, most noticeably the Touch receiving updates to Windows Mobile 6.1, and the Diamond getting multiple ROM fixes.

Finally, it appears that the Touch Cruise will get some 6.1 love, at least according to HTC's Twitter feed.

@danyw We're in the process of making sure the Touch Cruise upgrade is rock solid. It should be ready for release soon!

So congrats, all you Touch Cruise owners. Looks like you have just a little bit longer to wait.

Via Mobile Tech Addicts

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Ditch threaded SMS on Windows Mobile 6.1

For many Windows Mobile users, threaded SMS long had been the Bigfoot of the mobile operating system. You were pretty sure it was out there, you had seen snippets of it, but you'd never actually seen it.

That finally changed with Windows Mobile 6.1 (yes, Palm had it much sooner, and there are hacks and third-party solutions out there, either as an alternative or for older phones).

But say you just updated your Blackjack II or your Motorola Q9h to 6.1, and you just don't like having your text messages look like instant message conversations (why, we'll never understand). The enterprising souls over at MoDaCo have you covered.

It involves a wee bit of registry hackery (and has also been neatly wrapped into a cab file), and reportedly works on touchscreen and non-touchscreen devices.

If threaded SMS on WM6.1 just isn't your thing, check out the solution here. And as always, backup your device first.

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Velocity Mobile 103 hits the FCC

Our man Dieter got some hands-on time with a couple of Velocity Mobile devices back at CTIA, and he reported that the 103 was, in fact, "a sweet device."

And Dieter knows sweet devices.

Anyhoo, Crunchgear spied the 103 as it made its way through the FCC, which means it might well make its way to a carrier near you. We'll let you know.

A recap of the 103:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro.
  • HSDPA (850, 1900 and 2100 MHz bands).
  • 128 megs RAM, 256 megs ROM
  • 640x480 screen.
  • 1450 mAh battery. 4 hours of talk time, 200 hours of standby, 2.5 hours of navigation.
  • WiFi.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
  • Mini USB connection.
  • Assisted GPS.
  • Micro SD card.
  • 2MP rear-facing camera, 0.3MP on the front for video conferencing (though don't expect any U.S. carriers to leave that intact)
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The Presses: Stop them! stroths in the forums alerts us to the fact that if you're into hacking the Mogul, you should take a flyer on the previously leaked ROM and check out this one: Windows Mobile 6.1. It was put together by no2chem at the PPCGeeks forums. You'll get your threaded text on, but it looks like it might not be the full Windows Mobile 6.1.

If you're brave, let us know how it works for ya! If you're not so brave, well, at least take heart that all this Mogul news is surely a sign that the official release is just around the corner.

(Thanks for the tip, stroths, sorry for the typo in the original post!)

no2chem built a beta WM 6.1 ROM that works with the Mogul and I am currently running it on mine. One of the nice features is integrated threaded sms. This is good news for those of you who had issues with the palm threaded sms.
- WM 6.1 Beta ROM Available for Mogul - GPS Enabled - WM Experts

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Vito Threaded SMS: Now Available

Well, looky here. With the first screen shots of WM 6.1 and the subsequent Mogul ROM, lots of WM users are finally gearing up for native-based threaded SMS, long the hallmark of PalmOS and the Treo 750.

And who has come to steal their thunder? Maybe Vito Technology and their http://iwindowsmobile.com/ suite. Read on for a first look at Vito's new SMS-Chat app for WM Professional!

A couple months back, Vito launched their iwindowsmobile website, dedicated to their growing selection of (cough) iPhone-inspired software. One app that has been curiously under the "coming soon" banner for too long was "SMS-Chat" and now it's finally available.

Nate Adcock over at PPC Mag got his hands on a few promo screen-shots of Vito's long awaited chat-style app. Our verdict? Looks mighty tasty, in fact just from the visual aspect, it seems to smoke Redmond's conspicuously, yet not unappreciated attempt.

Features Include:

  • Threaded messaging
  • Send multiple SMS
  • Forward, resend or delete messages
  • Quick contacts look-up

Eh, whatever your choice at least you'll have more of them in a couple of months.

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