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WMExperts Podcast 20 - Leaked Roms, Dashwire, and More

This week Dieter and Malatesta overview the leaked ROMs for various Windows Mobile devices, take a look at Dashwire, and respond to a bunch of listener feedback. Tune in!


Tips and/or Software


Thanks to Zeb, Michael, Phil, Ariel, Anthony, and Cadman!


Thanks to the WMExperts Store for sponsoring the podcast. Thanks also to these great artists for the music and to for offering a great database of Creative Commons music!

  • Did I really call Mal a moron?
    Sorry Mal.
    Another great cast you guys.
  • I think I may have been putting words in your mouth, there. ;)
  • Hey guys!
    Just wanted to say, I like Sprite Terminator for my Sprint Touch phone. It can remotely lock the phone, wipe the internal memory, and activate the GPS to send it's location back to you on a map.
  • Interesting app lalala! I'll have to look into it...sounds like it does just about everything.
    @cadman, yeah Dieter was just being saucy, lol.