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Pill Box - App Spotlight

If you're on daily medication you know that at times it's hard to remember all the information (dosage, refill dates, pharmacy, etc.) on your meds. Pill Box is a Windows Phone app designed not only to help you remember everything from the medication name to the dosage to the refill information.

Pill Box's screens include a summary page for all your prescriptions, a page listing all your doctors and a page for listing all your pharmacy. If you've entered telephone numbers for a pharmacy or doctor, in tapping on the listing on the respective pages you have the option of calling that number.

Entering a prescription is simple. Just tap the "+" sign on the Pill Box page and you will have options to enter the following information.

  • Prescription Name, number and refill information.
  • Dosage and frequency details.
  • Doctor's name and contact number.
  • Pharmacy name and contact number.

You also have the options to view the prescription summary (listing all the above information) and lookup the drug information via

The only thing missing is a reminder to take your prescriptions. Nonetheless, if you need to track numerous medications Pill Box is worth looking into. There is a trial version available with the full version of Pill Box running $.99.

You can download Pill Box here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Arachnattack - Mango App Spotlight

Arachnattack is a simple, yet challenging game for your Windows Phone. Arachnattack has you fighting off an attack of spiders and it's your job to scare them away.

To scare them away, simply tap them before they climb back up to the top of the screen. Each spider that you scare off gains you points and if one reaches the bottom of the screen you loose one of your five lives.

When you first play Arachnattack it will come across a little on the slow side. Spiders fall at a leisurely pace giving the game a "too easy" feel to it. If you make it to the 800ish point mark, things begin to pick up and once you reach the 1100ish point mark the pace becomes a little feverish. While the speed of the spiders falling adds to the challenge, the background brick pattern conceals the spider web ever so slightly. As the pace picks up, sometimes it's hard to pick up on a falling spider and one that you've scared off.

All in all, Arachnattack is a simple but fun game for your Windows Phone. I doubt you'll spend hours on end playing Arachnattack but if you need to pass a few minutes, it's not a bad choice. Arachnattack is a free game that you can download here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Livescape - Mango App Spotlight

With New Year's fast approaching we're sure there will be plenty of resolutions on weight loss and living healthier. New Year's resolution or not, there's a feature rich app over at the Windows Phone Marketplace designed to help track your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Livescape, previously known as Life Tracker, is an activity and nutrition journal for your Windows Phone.

Livescape features GPS tracking that will help track and log activities such as walking or hiking. Additional features of Livescape include:

  • Keep a log of your daily activities.
  • Consumption tracking to monitor what you eat/drink.
  • Calculate the number of calories burned during exercise.
  • Track your weight, calorie intake.
  • Calculate Body Fat, Lean Mass, and Fat Mass based on waist, hip and neck measurements.
  • BMI and BMR Calculation. Track ailments such as allergies, headaches, fevers, flu, etc.
  • Fertility calculator.
  • Monitor your Nutrition Facts from day to day.
  • Import Nutrition Facts using your phone's camera with the help of OCR.
  • Review your trends using any of the built in graphing features, synchronize with Microsoft® HealthVault®.

Livescape is a mango app so you'll have Live Tile and Notification support. The app also supports multiple profiles so more than one person can track their health habits and activities.  The application is well laid out and through out the app there are on screen tips that appear to help you get familiar with features. If you're looking for a way to track your activities, monitor your diet and keep tabs on your general health, Livescape is worth looking into.

There is a 14-day trial version available for Livescape and the full version is currently running at the discounted price of $2.99. The discounted price will run through the end of the week and the price will return to it's regular $4.99 mark. You can find Livescape here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Change your Oil - Mango App Spotlight

Change Your Oil is a Windows Phone apps (mango) from the indie developer webdad2 technologies that is a car maintenance reminder/tracker app. It is designed to replace that plastic reminder windshield sticker that is often ignored.

The layout is simple with the main page being your Garage that lists all your vehicles. With each vehicle you can add information such as mileage, tag number, oil and air filter information, oil weight, brand of oil, tire pressure information, and view your maintenance history for that vehicle.

You can edit the settings assigned to your vehicles that will enable toast notifications and your Live Tile to remind you when your next oil change is due. All in all, Change Your Oil is a simple way of keeping track of your routine car maintenance. It ran smoothly and was easy to navigate around.

There is a free trial version available for Change Your Oil that is limited to tracking one vehicle. The full version, that lets you track multiple vehicles, will run you $.99. You can find Change Your Oil here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

BlackFriday - Mango App Spotlight

Planning on hitting the shopping mall on Black Friday? Need an easy way to track the bargains from your Windows Phone? If so, check out the Windows Phone app BlackFriday.

BlackFriday is powered by the website that pulls all the deals they can find under one roof and sends them to your Windows Phone. The main pages of the app list news items, store listings, categories of shopping and a keyword search page. Once you've found a store or category you are interested in, the app will pull all the sales listings.

Tap on an individual listing and you'll pull up any web listing for that sale item. You also have the ability to map local retailers from BlackFriday and share deals with friends. The app will use your Windows Phone's location services to pull in deals within your area.

In just tinkering with BlackFriday it comes across as a useful app for the shopaholic and a nice utility to find your way to the bargains. There is a free trial version available that will give you a feel for the app but is restricted on how many bargains it will list. The full version will run you $1.99 and you can download it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

De-Bugs Pool - Mango App Spotlight

XIMAD has released yet another De-Bugs game over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. De-Bugs Pool has you battling the same pesky bugs but this go around your extermination duties have been transformed into a game of pool.

The Mystery Pond has frozen over for the winter and holes have been drilled to resemble billard pockets. You goal, sink bugs into the holes as fast as possible in the fewest amount of shots. Once you're left with one bug on the ice, you'll advance to the next level.

You loose points with misses shots and by shooting your bugs directly into the holes. You choose a bug to act as a cue ball to shoot other bugs into the holes (much like you would in a game of billards).

Shots can be controlled in three ways. Flick has you swiping at that screen to send your bugs into each other. Yield has you tap, hold and pull back to make your shot. Tilt has you tapping the bug that will act as a cue ball and tilt your phone to line up the shot (only accessible after you pause the game and go into settings). Personally, I like the Yield method for its accuracy.

De-Bugs Pool is a simple yet challenging game from XIMAD that isn't a bad choice when you need to pass short periods of time. There really needs to be a help/how-to section to explain the rules but after about the second level, you get the hang of things.

De-Bugs Pool is a free, ad-supported game that you can download here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Top Trucks - Mango App Spotlight

The developers of Bike Mania is offering a car crushing Windows Phone game over at the Marketplace. Top Trucks places you in the driver's seat of various Monster Trucks with the goal of collecting tokens and crushing cars along the way.

The multi-level game offers four different trucks, ten re-playable levels and plenty of jumps and rock obstacles to negotiate around. There's even a crowd meter to measure how excited the crowd is about your performance.

Trucks are controlled by directional arrows and your balance can be controlled one of two ways. You can use the phone's accelerometer or by an on-screen slider. In using the accelerometer you simply tilt your phone to the right or left to lean forwards or backwards. The on-screen slider appears to the lower left corner while the directional arrows line up along the lower right. In playing Top Trucks, I found the accelerometer is the best way to control balance but others may see things differently.

All in all Top Trucks is an entertaining, fun pass-the-time-with game for your Windows Phone.  The only downside to Top Trucks is that it needs more levels.  Top Trucks comes in two versions in the Windows Phone Marketplace; a free ad-supported version that you can find here and a $.99 ad-free version that you can find here.  Keep in mind, Top Trucks is a Mango app so you'll need to update your Windows Phone.

Smart Dialer - Mango App Spotlight

Here's a quick look at a utility app for your Windows Phone. Smart Dialer by Xtreme Apps brings a Windows Mobile feature to your Windows Phone. Smart Dialer basically pulls up your contacts through a phone dialing pad.

Just start dialing the name (using the alpha display) or the phone number of your contact from the dial pad and matching contacts will appear. The more you type, the selection is filtered further. Once you see the contact, tap on it and you'll get a confirmation window to dial the number.

Jewel Tower - App Spotlight

XIMAD has developed some interesting Windows Phone games such as Pandas vs. Ninjas, Bubble Birds and De-Bugs. Add Jewel Tower to the XIMAD's list of entertaining, somewhat addictive gaming lineup.

PicSafe Pro - Mango App Spotlight

PicSafe Pro is a photo album app for your Windows Phone that offers a level of security from those who might snoop around your Windows Phone. PicSafe Pro is password protected and goes a step further by password protecting individual photo albums.

PicSafe Pro features includes:

Purity - Mango App Spotlight

Purity is a tile based, puzzle game for your Windows Phone. The concept is simple but challenging. You have a series of tiles that you have to navigate through from point A to point B, absorbing them all along the way. Choose your route carefully because once the tile is absorbed, you can't go back (well...almost).

Purity has 60 levels of play and as you progress up the levels, they become more challenging and special tiles (teleports, shields, connectors, etc.) come into play. Each level can be re-playable so you can try to best your score.

Movement is a little on the tricky side. You control your player (a white orb) by pressing and holding the screen to get a 4-way controller to appear. Slide your finger in the direction you want your orb to move. Should you make a boneheaded move or fall asleep at the wheel, there is a rewind feature. Just tap the screen with two fingers and your player rewinds one move. The movement controls do take a little time to get used to but once you get the hang of things, Purity is an enjoyable, "fun to pass the time with" game for your Windows Phone.

Purity is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone that you can download here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Compass VO - Mango App Spotlight

Here's a neat compass app for your Windows Phone. Compass VO is a mango app that uses your internal digital compass as well as your Windows Phone camera to guide you around the great outdoors.

The compass display has multiple themes that include:

  • Orienteering
  • Digital
  • Cardinal Rose
  • Metro Graphic
  • Night

In addition to multiple themes you can tap into your Windows Phone camera to take a photo of your map and use it as the background to the compass display. With the multiple themes and camera integration, Compass VO is a nice compass app for your Windows Phone. The only issue I encountered while testing out the app is calibrating your compass.

When you run Compass VO, you will be prompted to calibrate your Windows Phone compass by holding the phone in front of you and moving it in a Figure-8 pattern. Sometimes calibration kicks in after the first lap while other times your arm just about falls out of socket trying to achieve calibration.

All in all, if you're looking for a compass app for your Windows Phone Compass VO is worth a try. It's a free Mango application and you can download it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Wheel of Wealth - Mango App Spotlight

Wheel of Wealth may not have Vanna White but it's a decent spin off of the hit TV Game Show the Wheel of Fortune. The Windows Phone game is a turned based game requires registration (free) and that you play against other registered players.

For those not familiar with the game show, you are given a hidden word or phrase puzzle. You spin the wheel to determine how much each correctly guessed letter is worth. With each successful guess, you get to spin again. Every letter of the alphabet is available except for vowels. Those you have to buy with your earnings.

Solve the puzzle and you pocket the winnings. If your opponent solves the word puzzle you get notta.

To make things interesting there are bonus and penalty sections to the spinning wheel (loose turn, bankrupt, free spin, etc.). Settings cover sound, vibration effects, and enabling notifications (alerts you that it's your turn).

Games in progress and completed are organized nicely on a three page hub and starting a new game is as simple as hitting the plus sign from the hub. All in all, Wheel of Wealth is a fun game for your Windows Phone. The only thing missing is the ability to play a solo game for practice. Otherwise, if you're a fan of the Wheel of Fortune type games, Wheel of Wealth is worth a try.

Wheel of Wealth is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Remember, this is a Mango app so you'll need to be running Windows Phone 7.5.

Rainbow Rapture - App Spotlight

Looking for a unique game for your Windows Phone? Rainbow Rapture should be unique enough for most and turns out to be a fun game.

The story line goes that the our rainbow character is unhappy with humanity and has decided to wipe everyone out. The object of the game is to consume as many humans and travel as far as you can. You control the flight of the rainbow by touching the screen to have the rainbow dive and release the touch to have it soar. You use hills and valleys to give the rainbow a little speed which results in more hang time.

You do have an energy meter to the left of the main screen that needs to be replenished by maintaining a healthy diet of people, objects and air time. Once the energy meter goes out, so does your rainbow.

Rainbow Rapture has an online leaderboard so you can compare your carnage and travel distance to others. At first, you'll feel a little uncoordinated in controlling the rainbow but once you get the timing down, the game is really fun.

Rainbow Rapture is a free, ad-supported game that you can download here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to @SassyBob for the suggestion.

Redminder - Mango App Spotlight

Redminder is a simply and free app for your Windows Phone to help remind you when your Redbox or Blockbuster rental is due. Interface is simple. The main page lists all your reminders and to set a reminder, just tap the "Add Alarm" switch.

The due date is set automatically for 24 hours (can be modified) and the name of the rental can be customized. Once you save the reminder, a Live Tile is created for your start screen that will display the title of the rental and expand to show your return date/time.

You can turn this feature off in the settings if you don't need the Live Tile. Redminder is a Mango App and supports fast resume and multiple live tile support. So, if you have five rentals you can have five Live Tile reminders.

Redminder comes in two varieties. A free, ad supported version and an ad-free, $.99 version. You can find the free version of Redminder here and the paid version here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Nasty Nutz - Mango App Spotlight

Nasty Nutz is a jumper styled game for your Windows Phone that has you battling mutated hazelnuts from outer space. The mutated nuts are infecting squirrels and you play the role of the only squirrel immune to the nasty nut infection.

There are twenty levels to the game and your job is to devour the invading hazelnuts. You don't wait for the nuts to come to you, you jump up the screen taking the fight to them. You start by tapping the screen for that initial jump and as you take out a nut, you jump higher. You jump from nut to nut, climbing the screen until you take out your quota of nuts (listed on the side of the screen.

You guide your jumps by tilting the phone left or right. If you miss a nut and start to fall, you can tap the screen for a power jump to give you a fighting chance to reach a nut and continue your journey.  You advance to the next level by taking out a set number of nuts which is indicated to the right of the game screen.  Just below this number is your power jump energy bar.  The more power, the higher your power jump.

Nasty Nutz has an online leaderboard, a bonus level and the "Zombuoulette" mini game. Game play was nice but it took a while to pick up the power jumps and timing to have a decent chance of moving up the levels.  Until you get the hang of things, Nasty Nutz can be frustrating as well as challenging.  It almost comes across as too hard until you get the hang of things.  Then again, I've never been that good at jumper games.

All in all, Nasty Nutz is a fast paced game that is worth a try. There is a free trial available for Nasty Nutz and the full version will run you $.99. Remember, it is a Mango App so you'll need to be running Windows Phone 7.5.

You can find Nasty Nutz here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Forward Contact - Mango App Spotlight

Need an easy way to forward and share your contacts? Forward Contact is a quick, easy, streamlined way to sent contact information through e-mail, SMS or through QR Code.

Layout is simple with your contacts listed on the main screen with a search button and a forward button (more on this in a second). Contacts can be searched by keyword (the search button), scrolled manually, or by an alpha index.

Once you pull up a contact you have several options available. At the bottom of the contact view you have a series of "add" buttons. You can use these to add phone numbers, email info and addresses from other contacts to what will eventually be shared.

At the bottom of the screen you will find three control buttons to share the contact information and anything you've added through email, SMS message or to create a QR code that can be scanned.

Okay... the forward button on the main contact list appears to be a free form tool to let you build information to share with the "add" buttons.

Forward Contact is a very nice utility application for your Windows Phone. I did encounter a few stability issues (crashed a few times) but nothing to run screaming from. If you need an easy way to share contact info, Forward Contact is worth a try.

Forward Contact is a free application that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Dilbert Hub - App Spotlight

We were tipped about a highly recommended Dilbert app over at the Windows Phone Marketplace and decided to take a gander. The Dilbert Hub is your one stop for over twenty years of daily comic strips.

The app is designed nicely, taking full advantage of the Windows Phone hub. Pages include:

  • Menu Page: links to the latest strips, pull up strips at random, and access the apps settings.
  • Archive Page: The Archive page displays a months worth of comic strips. By default this page will display the current month's strips but you can change the month displayed from the date field.
  • Search Page: Here you will find a keyword search field.
  • Featured Page: The Featured Page highlights eight comic strips.

Comic strips are displayed by thumbnail images of one frame of the strip. To view the full comic strip, just tap on the thumbnail.  Dilbert Hub supports vertical and landscape orientation. The only downside to the Dilbert Hub is that the comic strip view is not zoomable.  Some of us old-timers may have trouble reading the fine print.

When you find a comic strip that needs to be shared amongst friends, you can tap the three-dot menu to share the strip via Facebook, email or SMS. The app does use your location services (can be turned off in the settings) to localize the ad banners.

All in all, the Dilbert Hub is a nice looking app that brings all the Dilbert you could want to your Windows Phone. Dilbert Hub is a free, ad-supported app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to Mark for the tip!

Mood Swing - App Spotlight

Feel the need to track your moods from day to day? Maybe even hour to hour? If so, there's a Windows Phone app out there that might be of help.

Mood Swing is a simple, straight forward, frustration free app that is designed to track your moods. Feel the need to share your joy? Mood Swing also has Facebook and Twitter integration to allow you to share how your feeling with your friends.

You choose your mood by the respective cartoon face and add what you have on your mind from a preset category list and optional text field. You can even attach a photo to your mood entry.

Once you save your mood, it is added to your mood history where you can see how you've felt over a period of time; view a pie chart of how your moods add up; and even read about what your moods may mean.

Settings allow you to choose an appropriate cartoon representation, add custom categories for the "What's on your mind?" entry and set your Facebook/Twitter integration.

Mood Swing could easily double as a diary and you could always use it to dispute your wife's/girlfriend's claims that you're always in a grumpy mood. The app is not recommended to illustrate how grumpy your wife/girlfriend can be though.

There are two versions of Mood Swing available over at the Marketplace. A free, ad supported version can be found here and a $.99 ad-free version that can be found here.

Content Shield - Mango App Spotlight

We shared a preview of the Windows Phone Mango app Content Shield the earlier this month and now the utility app is available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Content Shield is a multi-purpose utility for your Windows Phone that covers four areas.  Each of which can be password protected within the Settings Menu.

Passwords: Here you can store all your passwords and generate new ones. Live tile support will show the last time your passwords were accessed.

Task manager: Content Shield has a task manager/to-do list generator. Live tile support will show the number of incomplete tasks.

Jokes: What's a utility without a sense of humor? Here you can store your own jokes or download them from a Twitter feed. The feed is updated daily and if you're feeling giddy, you can submit your joke to be included in the feed. There is no live tile support for the Jokes section.

My Shopping: Last but not least you have a shopping list generator and storage area. The shopping lists range from grocery lists, wish lists, and gifts for friends/family events (Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc.). You can also the ability to compare prices on items from your lists via Ciao from Bing. Live tile support will display the number of items currently in your shopping basket.

Content Shield is an interesting utility app for your Windows Phone with a little bit of something for everyone. There are a few quirks but not enough to detract from a nice Windows Phone app. For example, in comparing prices of apples you get price comparisons for Apple iPhones. Not sure if this is a case where the search criteria doesn't specify that your looking for fruit or Ciao not picking up the differences.

It is a free, ad-supported application and you can download Content Shield version 1.0 here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.