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Microsoft didn't cut corners to ditch the fan in Surface Pro with Core i5

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Microsoft needs to get serious about mobile (now) or don't even bother

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A tiny bit of Windows 10 source code has leaked online

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All the backward compatible original Xbox games confirmed for Xbox One

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What if there really are no more new Windows Mobile devices?


Windows 10 Fall Creators Update's top 5 features

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Comparing performance and battery in the Surface Laptop Core i5 and Core i7

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7 tips to protect your Windows PC against malware


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Own an older Surface? Here's what you should know about the new Surface Pen

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Wondering why ALL Microsoft's Windows drivers are dated June 21?

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Spotify shows the world how to do Centennial apps the right way

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Share your experiences with Microsoft tech support for Windows 10 Mobile

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What to expect from ‘Xbox One X Enhanced’ games

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Microsoft unleashed the Windows Phone App Studio Beta back in August, accumulating a whopping 30,000 projects in just 48 hours. Now an article over on the Windows Phone Develop Blog details some developer driven changes that have been implemented into the app. Perfect for the 160,000 developers who have created more than 150,000 projects, leading to 65,000 apps in just two months.

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The official Nokia Developer Ambassador App has been released for Windows Phone. With this new solution, developers will be able to connect with local ambassadors to follow their blog and remain informed of the latest news, tips and promotions. Videos from the Nokia YouTube channel will also be available on your Windows Phone, along with the DVLUP blog.

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Yesterday, Microsoft surprised us by not only announcing the features coming in GDR3 (also known as Update 3), but by releasing the update for download through their new Developer Preview Program. We have a fairly good idea of what’s new and improved with the update, but small trinkets are still being discovered by developers and enthusiasts around the globe. The latest discovery is one that can help make Windows Phone even more personal.

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Earlier this morning Microsoft outlined their new Windows Phone Preview for Developers. Remember the Enthusiast Program announced with Windows Phone 8 in the summer of 2012? This is basically it. If you’re a registered developer for the Windows Phone Store or a member of the Windows Phone App Studio Program you can download GDR3 starting today. That update is now live. Link below.

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Nearly a year ago, at Microsoft’s 2012 Build conference Nokia had their own little announcement for developers. It was there that Nokia announced their Premium Developer Program and the Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX). Today, one of those is still around, while the other has faded into history. Nokia has transitioned from directly managing NAX and developers will now work directly with Inneractive to monetize their games and apps. Details below.

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Do you honestly think it's just another Friday? No way! It's never "just another day" here at Windows Phone Central, or within the Windows community for that matter. DVLUP, the Nokia rewards program for Windows Phone developers launched #MakeAnAppDevHappyDay on Twitter last month as a one off, but it's back for the first Friday of each month. So, what's it all about and how can you get involved?

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In an interesting twist to the Nokia Create program for developers, the company is tasking Windows Phone developers with a mission dedicated to the idea of "Doing Good." Partnering with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), Nokia is calling for developers to create new apps that will help make the lives of those with low vision easier; or update their existing content to make it more accessible.

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Back in early August, Microsoft announced a new program aimed at empowering you to create your own apps. Windows Phone App Studio may not be for guys who know their way around Visual Studio, but it’s a great way for people to create niche apps that only they will use. That program is still in beta, but has continually received new updates. The latest came out today. So let’s check out what’s new.

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Developers, looking for a way to spruce up your app? Need advice on your creation’s UI? Then you may want to take a look at Toledo Designs who just partnered up with Nokia through their popular DVLUP program.

Why go with Toledo? It’s simple. One of the founders of the company is Arturo Toledo, a former Senior User Experience Designer for Microsoft's Windows Phone Design Studio. The man certainly knows his design theory as he wrote a whole guide on UI design for Windows Phone in a series which we covered back in 2011-2012. He recently wrote an interesting piece on the new look for the Facebook app in response to those who said it wasn't Modern.

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Microsoft is charging full steam ahead with development on not only its desktop Windows platform, but also its popular web browser. Internet Explorer 11 is now available for Windows 7 as a pre-release, one step up from the developer preview we recently looked at. This release contains numerous performance improvements, updates to web standards support, as well as alterations made to developer tools.

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It's times like these I wish I knew how to create apps. Unfortunately, I couldn’t code my way out of an Altair 8800 if my life depended on it. But if you find yourself being savvy with Visual Studio, C# and the rest of the development skillset needed to create winning Windows Phone apps you might be interested in this contest.

Nokia Create is a just launched contest to develop for Windows Phone. There are various prizes throughout, but you’re going to want to read on for the details for the grand prize winner. Nokia will make you very happy.

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Developers have been complaining about issues with the Windows Phone Developer Center where download reporting has ceased to function normally. The problem being that download data simply isn't displayed with a "zero" in its place, offering no value to developers who may wish to monitor how their work is performing on the store front.

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If we we’re clinical psychologists (we’re not) we might suggest that Microsoft is suffering from dissociative identity disorder, something also known as multiple personality disorder. The company has been doing 180s on products and announcements more frequently than anyone one company should. Take for example some of the backtracking Microsoft did with the Xbox One and features announced back in May at the unveiling compared to what will now be available on launch on November 22nd

And today, the most recent example – developers can now download Windows 8.1 RTM via TechNet or MSDN.

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Earlier this year, we brought news of a mobile payment system called Fortumo extending its support to Windows Phone and Windows 8. Fortumo allows developers to add mobile carrier billing to their games and apps, even on platforms that don’t normally support In-App Purchases  like Windows Phone 7. Fortumo’s carrier billing can allow users living in countries where credit cards are uncommon to make online purchases that they would otherwise miss out on.

Fortumo support on mobile Windows Phone platforms is still fairly new, but one popular game has already integrated it: Ragdoll Run from Swedish developer Dawnbreak Studios. Ragdoll Run is a free to play game that also happens to be exclusive to Windows Phone 7, 8, and Windows 8. Just how well do the game’s the Fortumo payments work, and what made Dawnbreak decide on Fortumo integration? Head past the break for the full story.

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This is just a late (yeah, we know it's short notice) reminder that the Windows Phone Dev Day in Bournemouth is occurring tomorrow (August 31st). The event will be held at Redweb with numerous souls preparing to give talks and mingle with attendees. The event was held at the same location last year, where we also gave a quick speech on Windows Phone Central. The day turned out to be a great opportunity for networking.

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Liquid Daffodil is quite the name within the Windows Phone community. We've covered the developer numerous times here with multiple apps, services and incredible deals and offers for both consumers and developers to get involved. Through receiving a number of requests from developers, today we'll be looking at App to App protocols and how simple it is to connect to Liquid Daffodil apps.

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Autodesk creates a wide range of products, from consumer-oriented Windows 8 apps like Sketchbook Express all the way to enterprise-level programs such as Maya 3D. The latter is used by movie makers, advertisers, and even gaming professionals to create 3D art and animations. But as mobile and indie game development has been on the rise, Maya 3D has sometimes proven too costly for smaller developers to use.

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Microsoft has unveiled its digital self-publishing indie developer program for the Xbox One, essentially enabling developers to self-publish their work for consumers to enjoy on their consoles. The program is titled Independent Developers @ Xbox (ID@Xbox - and the company promises a smooth experience regarding actual development, distribution and discovery of titles on the Xbox One digital store. Registration has opened today.

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Nearly two weeks ago Microsoft released App Studio for Windows Phone enthusiasts and potential developers. The web tool allows users to create fairly basic apps for Windows Phone without much prior development knowledge. Today the team announced that App Studio has over 50,000 active projects alongside new features. Let’s check them out.

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