Microsoft Logo at IgniteSource: Windows Central

What you need to know

  • Microsoft just opened up registrations for Build 2021, its developer conference.
  • Build 2021 will be an all-digital event running from May 25 through May 27.
  • Microsoft could announce changes to the Microsoft Store at Build 2021.

Microsoft Build registrations are officially opened. The event runs from May 25 through May 27 and will be all-digital, just like Build 2020. While Build is generally a developer-centered conference, there are usually some announcements that affect consumers. You can register for Build 2021 for free on Microsoft's website.

Build 2021 will likely cover new tools, APIs, and other features that developers can use to make experiences for Windows 10. It's safe to assume that we'll hear announcements regarding Azure and Teams. Microsoft could also announce policy changes for the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft is also working on some major changes to the Microsoft Store, according to our sources. The Microsoft Store will reportedly allow developers to submit unpackaged Win32 apps to the store, allow developers to host apps and updates on their own content delivery network, and allow developers to use third-party commerce platforms in apps. If these new features are indeed on the way, Microsoft will have to discuss them, and Build 2021 would be a perfect place to bring them up.

Our senior editor recently took a closer look at why Microsoft would want to allow unpackaged apps in the Microsoft Store.

Shifting to more concrete announcements, Microsoft already announced Visual Studio 2022, which will be the first version of Visual Studio that's a 64-bit app. There's a good chance that Microsoft will discuss Visual Studio 2022 at Build this year.

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