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Now we're into 2013 we’re seeing the updates for apps come in once more, today we got an update for the excellent eBay app, Redlaser.

Redlaser has been doing good service on Windows Phone for some time now and with the latest update we arrive at version 2.1. As well as the usual bug fixes and such they have added in the ability to search with your voice.

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Fat Fingers is the official Windows Phone app for FatFingers.com and allows you to search for eBay bargains that are often overlooked due to spelling errors.  Such errors prevent these auctions from being noticed or picked up on keyword searches allowing you to sweep in and win the auctions for a steal of a price.

The version 1.2 update of Fat Fingers brings new logos to match the Windows 8 app and support for Windows Phone 8 resolutions.

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While we all wait for the new Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phones to hit the store shelves, both are now popping up over on Ebay. The Lumia 920 is listed as $799 US and the Lumia 820 is coming in $699.

Both are listed as unlocked and while the listing states "Immediate Shipping" the fine print shows shipping delivery is estimated between November 15th and December 4th. While the shipping window is rather large, the seller is shipping worldwide.

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The official eBay app for Windows Phone has been out for some time and while the Marketplace reviews aren't stellar, they don't really call for you to run for the hills either. Yet we received a tip from a German reader that there could be a potentially disastrous bug in the app.

It appears that while bidding on a Nokia Lumia 800 a bid was entered as 211.69€ and appeared that way in the confirmation screen. However, when the bid was submitted it registered as 21169.00€. Luckily the ending bid didn't make it that far, ending at 270 Euros.

According to the tipster, eBay Germany was contacted and recommended contacting the seller to request a cancelation. While we first thought this could easily be pilot error, in scanning through the Marketplace reviews on the eBay app (found here at the Windows Phone Marketplace), other Windows Phone users report similar instances where the confirmed bid is higher than the submitted bid.

We aren't sure if this is a wide spread issue and hopefully if this is a bug, the quirk can be resolved easily with an update to the app. Still, bug or not, you might want to be extra careful to review your eBay bids when submitting via the Windows Phone app. If my recollection of eBay is correct, an incorrectly submitted bid can be canceled before the auction closes.

Thanks, aerone, for the tip!

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On Sunday we posted a method by which you can get a free Avatar prop featuring Windows Phone--either a Longboard, foam finger or tee-shirt. All you had to do was sign up for the Windows Phone Insider newsletter and you were sent a redeem code.

Then late Sunday/early Monday we started to get word that the offer had suddenly ended, even before most of you were able to try and get one. Now, Microsoft's KC Lemson has posted why on the Windows Phone Blog.

In short, some jerk managed to sweep up all the remaining redeem codes, locking out future users. What's worse, they're selling them on eBay for $10 a pop.

The good news is Microsoft will do right and extend free I <3 Windows Phone shirt avatar props to those users who received a rejection email, meaning not only will you get something, you'll get a more rare item.

No word though if they'll open this up for others who missed the original offer. From the sound of it, it was a successful program. Let's hope they do it again.

Source: Windows Phone Blog; Thanks, FalconX, for the eBay link

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For those of you who use the excellent eBay app for Windows Phone, you'll want to get the latest update found now in the Marketplace. The past versions did an excellent job of allowing you to browse for new items to bid on, search for gifts, pin found items to your Start screen as a tile and even push notifications. But it lacked one big feature: the ability to create new auction listings right from your phone.


Now with version 1.17, you can start a new listing, take a photo with your phone for submission, edit the description, choose payment method, pick shipping options and more. This ability has been found on eBay's apps for iOS and Android for sometime now, so it's excellent to see it finally come to Windows Phone. We're sure many of you will be using this tool on a regular basis (especially if you have a Titan II, ahem).

Pick up the official eBay app here in the Marketplace for free. Thanks, Tal F., for the heads up!

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Yet another major app has landed for the Windows Phone Marketplace today. FatFingers.com is a well known website and service that specializes in finding misspelled items on eBay, which is a great way to bid on auctions that most people will miss when searching.

For instance, if a seller writes "Nokai" for "Nokia" this service will find just those items. In turn, you'll have a better chance of picking up that device or accessory at a lower cost, since others won't ever see it.

So if you're an eBay fiend, you'll want to go and grab the official FatFingers.com app for Windows Phone. The app has a free trial with some limited features while the full version, which fetches for $1.29 "for a limited time", has all sorts of goodies including:

  • List of recent searches (2 for trial, unlimited for full)
  • Save searches (2 for trial, unlimited for full)
  • Group search results by category (Full version only)
  • Pin search terms to Start menu (Full version only)
  • Add item to your eBay Watch List (Full version only)

We just gave the app a spin and find it to be quite solid. There are a couple of UI issue we'd like to see e.g. add a search button (in addition to hitting enter) and maybe a pull more for item lists. But those are nits. The core of the app works very well and is a great tool for help finding deals on eBay.

We also really like how you can change eBay locales (UK is default, but you can change to any country to search) and how you can 1-tap add found items to your eBay Watch List (you'll need to associate your eBay account with FatFingers.com during a one-time setup).

Overall, a solid app and we're glad to see it on Windows Phone. Pick up the trial here on the Marketplace.

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The Lumia 900 is available unlocked in white on eBay for £499, with an availability date of April 9th. The seller is sunnydayshopping, who has a positive rating history, and the location is Manchester, UK. Bands supported are: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 and HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100. An unlocked international version of the handset was previously available on eBay from the U.S. not so long ago for the same price.

The Lumia 900 is also destined for AT&T on April 9th, when we'll expect consumers will be able to get their hands on the device, which sports a 1.4Ghz chip, 1830mAh battery, 4.3" AMOLED ClearBlack display and 8MP shooter (with FF camera).

Three have been sold already, so be sure to check out the listing should you be interested in the high-end Windows Phone. Of course, WPCentral cannot take any responsibility for your purchases on eBay, and we always recommend caution.

Source: eBay; thanks hamza for the tip!

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An unlocked white Lumia 900 is available on eBay with expected shipping dates between April 3rd-9th. The handset joins the black and cyan versions that were previously available on the auction site back in January. The only difference separating the previous listings and this new one is the colour and price tag. The white Lumia 900 4G Windows Phone will set you back $829.

You never know with eBay listings such as this so proceed at your own risk. Check out the auction (and make your purchase) by following the source link to the item listing.

Source: eBay; thanks Cole for the heads up!

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An unlocked Nokia Lumia 900 is now available for purchase on eBay from All_Electronic_Store, which is also selling the Lumia 800 (unlocked) in cyan and magenta varieties. The estimation for delivery is March 9-15th, which would tie in with the exclusivity closing up for AT&T.

The price tag is $895, but more than worth it should you be after a 4G Windows Phone sporting a front facing camera and quality hardware. You never know with listings such as this so proceed at your own risk.  You can check out the auction and make your purchase by following the source link to the item listing.

Source: eBay (available in black and cyan); thanks, djohns505, for the tip!

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With about two weeks away from becoming reality, the T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 is making an appearance over at Ebay. The 3.7" screened Windows Phone is the all black model is listed as "brand new unopened".

We're expecting the Lumia 710 to run $49.99 after contractual discounts. At last check, after 28 bids, the current bid on the "out of contract" model is $565. You've got little over five days left on the bidding or you can wait just a tad longer and snatch one up directly from T-Mobile.

You can find the T-Mobile Lumia 710 Ebay listing here.

source: tmonews

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eBay gets updated to v1.15 with some fixes

The official eBay app has been updated to version We've been informed that the release contains a number of bug fixes and a cleanup to improve latency issues experienced by users in certain geo-markets.

The key feature which was added in the update was support for MEC (Mobile Express Checkout). This new feature will ease some of the processing payment flow between eBay and PayPal. A small update with a number of improvements to ensure performance and reliability is kept at a high level.

We're also told that the Selling feature will be coming in January-ish. It was originally slated for this release but it was decided to hold off to make sure it's the best and easiest design they could implement.  Hold on tight, sellers, it's coming!

You can download the eBay app from the Marketplace for free.

Thanks TheWeeBearUK for the heads up!

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Here's some interesting statistics that jive nicely with that earlier Australian report on the HTC Mozart. At least on eBay in the UK demand, as measured by increasing prices, has been on the upswing for the last few weeks for certain Windows Phone models, specifically the HTC Mozart, Dell Venue Pro and HTC 7 Pro--basically the creme of the crop, if you ask us.

The measurements, as graphed above, show a steadily increase in price since early September, just when Mango-fever was picking up. The jump in price is also fairly significant, with the 7 Pro going from an average of £240 to £350 in just 30 days.

Sure, it could be coincidence and perhaps other factors are at play here, but to our eyes, this is starting to look like a trend. We should note though, not all Windows Phone are benefiting from the "Mango bump" as the HTC HD7, Samsung Omnia 7 and and HTC Trophy are all down. Thoughts?

Update: WPCentral reader Oli S. lets us know the same trend shows on Amazon.de too, with the HD7 increasing from 330 € to over 400 € now and staying steady.

Big thanks to Lorenc for the info!

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Official eBay app gets a Mango makeover [Video]

Now that Mango is so close you can taste it, we're starting to see the big guns land in the Marketplace. One of those is the official eBay app, as it just got bumped from 1.12 to 1.13. More interestingly, it's listed as a second app instead of an update to your existing version. Now worries, we have the new link below.

The app has had a UI change with the main start screen showing more info on a single page and smaller icons. But the big Mango features are:

  • Pin searches or individual auctions to your Start screen
  • Fast app resume
  • Live barcode scanner

That last one is kind of neat. Now that devs have the camera API, they can make live scanners for barcodes (instead of taking a photo and analyzing). The feature is self explanatory: you scan the item and it searches eBay for the best price. Of course you'll need decent lighting but it worked like a charm for us.

Finally, the last feature is a shopping assistant called eBay Explorer (beta). Using the Metro tiles, it allows you to drill down items in eBay based on your responses e.g. category, gender, price, occasions, etc. It works pretty well and should help us men who need last minute gifts for like everyone. Amirite, guys? [@J45PER lets us know that Explorer ssems to be US-only at this time]

Pick up the new eBay app in the Marketplace. Thanks, @ogracia, for the tip!

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