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endless runner

The list of endless running games on Windows Phone is continually growing, with the latest additon being Miniclip's Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Rush. The game is set in the Strawberry Shortcake universe, and features a similar set of controls as other games in the genre, which involves collecting fruit and coins that are then used in a cake-decorating mini game, all while dodging obstacles.

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If you can't get enough of endless runners, here's another one worth checking out. Free the Network is very difficult, but you will keep coming back for more. Want to know what else is cool about this game? Pixel Blimp (pixelblimp.co.uk), the developers, has released the game simultaneously on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone!

We've installed it on our Nokia Lumia 930. Head past the break to watch our gameplay video.

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Unicorn Rush is a fun endless runner styled game for Windows Phone that puts you on horseback in an effort to save the fantasy Kingdom of Grant.

The back-story has a riot occurring at the Kingdom's border and as soldiers are dispatched to deal with the riot, the evil Duke Hogan has snuck into the Kingdom's Capital and captured the King and Princess. You play the role of one of the King's Knights who will have to rush back to the Capital and defeat the evil Duke. The ride back to the capital isn't a gingerly stroll in the park with a wide range of obstacles, traps and monsters to overcome.

Available for low-memory devices Unicorn Rush makes a nice impression. Graphics are nice, game play challenging and if you can overlook that the game's Knight looks more like a farm hand, it's a Windows Phone game worth trying.

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Angry Monkey Run is another endless runner gaming option for Windows Phone 8. The game has simple mechanics, nice graphics and can be a little on the frustrating side as far as game challenge is concerned.

The story behind the game has the monkey's girlfriend being snatched up by zookeepers that does not sit well with the monkey. Your job is to guide him through the jungle to save his girlfriend.

Angry Monkey is available for low-memory devices and isn't a terrible game. The game has potential but Angry Monkey seems to lack the pop other endless runner options have.

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Dhoom:3 The Game was launched last year around the time of Dhoom:3 release, the third movie in the popular Bollywood franchise. The endless runner game involved a thrilling high speed bike race through the streets of Chicago where the movie was set.

The Game became quite popular, and crossed the 1 million downloads mark on the Windows Phone Store in quick time becoming the first app/game from India to do so. The game saw over 12 million downloads worldwide across platforms. 99games, the publisher of the game, and Yash Raj Films, the producer of the movie, have got together again to bring a sequel to the blockbuster game – Dhoom:3 Jet Speed.

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Anybody remember a little Windows Phone 7 shoot-em-up called Corona? Even for an older game, Corona continues to impress with its beautiful anime-style artwork and intense bullet hell shooting action. I thought Finnish developer Kajak Games had stepped away from Windows Phone development after completing Corona, depriving us of their high quality indie games.

As it turns out, Kajak has quietly released quite a few games lately. Today I checked out the studio’s Hopping Penguin, a platformer/endless runner starring a vampire bat – I mean penguin. Mundane title aside, Hopping Penguin offers some very good artwork and lots of platforming goodness in a free to play package. Check out our impressions and video after the break.

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Fishy Rush is a casual game for Windows Phone 8 that takes the endless runner genre under water. With Fishy Rush, you swim your goldfish for as far as you can, collecting coins along the way.

The game is not all fun in the sun with plenty of dangers and shark attacks to avoid. You can collect coins and pearls to use in the game's store to buy upgrades and there are plenty of power-ups to help you survive the dangers of the deep blue sea. Fishy Rush isn’t a terrible game for your Windows Phone but some may find it falling a tad short of the mark.

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Rail Rush is a fun Windows Phone 8 game that places you in a runaway mine cart that you have to maneuver through endless twists, turns and obstacles.

The endless runner game was recently updated to version 1.8 to add an Easter theme to the game. Rail Rush isn’t a stranger to holiday themed such as the Christmas theme update that was pushed out late last year. The Easter theme adds a bit of color to the game, a large collection of runaway Easter eggs and adds nicely to an already fun Windows Phone game.

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Galactic Rush is a simple, yet challenging, endless runner game for Windows Phone 8. The game is from the developers behind Bunny Beyond and has you guiding an astronaut and aliens through various outer space themed obstacle courses.

Galactic Rush has three levels of play, upgradeable power-ups and a handful of characters to unlock. Gaming controls are a collection of screen gestures that are easy to pick up but can be a little on the sensitive side. Overall, Galactic Rush is an entertaining, casual game for Windows Phone 8.

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Zombies Ate My Doctor is a fast paced, endless runner game for Windows Phone 8 where you are racing through hospital halls, shooting up zombies and rescuing the local sheriff.

Graphics are well done, game play challenging and the game has a first person shooter element. Zombies Ate My Doctor makes a good first impression and is not a bad option to pass the time with.

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Race The Stig is an endless runner styled game for Windows Phone 8 where you take on Top Gear’s driver, the Stig. You will need to stay a car length ahead of Stig while you jump over parked cars, dodge parked semi-trailer, and weave in and out of traffic.

For those not familiar, Top Gear is a popular BBC motoring show (you also have a U.S. variation on the History Channel). The Stig is a character from the show whose primary role is to set lap times for cars showcased on Top Gear. The game was recently released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone and after spending a little time with the game, it is an enjoyable game to pass the time with. Catch the full review after the break.

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Dark Lands is a tremendously popular Windows Phone game that was updated this morning to version 1.1.4 to add cloud saving to the table.

For those not familiar with Dark Lands, it is an endless runner styled game that adds combat and role-playing game elements into the mix. The graphics are stunning and game play addictively challenging. Along with fighting orcs, goblins and other monster the game also includes unique boss battles as you progress through the game.

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Another month and another update for the popular endless runner Subway Surfers. And no, this one too does not have 512 MB RAM support, so you can stop reading if that is what you want to know.

Instead, users today can head to the Store to update their Subway Surfers game to version 1.2, which includes the new New York City ‘World Tour’ theme. Previous world tour themes included Seoul, Miami and the Christmas theme (Mumbai was skipped due to timing with the other platforms).

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Avengers Assemble with RJS! for Windows Phone 8

Run, Jump, Smash! landed in the Windows Store last month and the Windows Phone 8 version was released this past weekend as the abbreviated title RJS! The game is an endless runner where you guide a team of Marvel Comics superheroes across an obstacle course filled with obstacles and enemy minions.

Your goal is to advance far enough to fight super villains such as Loki. Superheroes can be upgraded or additional characters unlocked with the coins you collect as you run through the game. Graphics are rather nice, game play challenging and possibly the only downside to RJS! is the lack of a trial version.

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There are lots of ways to discover new games for Windows Phone. We often rely just as much on our readers as we do developers and publishers to find interesting games to write about. There’s always a gaming discussion going on in the Windows Phone Central gaming forum, where loyal reader John Lompard has created a thread dedicated to newly released Windows Phone games.

John’s initial discoveries include a very cool endless runner called Pocket Avenger from Pine Entertainment, which I’ve really gotten into after a short play session. Play as a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who must run, jump, and kill hordes of zombies in order to stay alive. Did I mention the game is free to play and prettier than your average zombie?

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