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Does it make sense to upgrade from the Lumia 930 to Lumia 950?

Still using a Lumia 930? Perhaps you should consider an upgrade to the Lumia 950, which would deliver faster performance and better battery life.

How does the Surface Laptop stack up to Apple's MacBooks?

Microsoft's Surface Laptop is expected to ship on or before June 15. It's a top-of-the-line notebook, and as such, it's sure to draw comparisons between it and Apple's popular MacBooks.

Would you 'upgrade' your PC to Windows 10 S?

There’s quite a bit of confusion out there regarding what exactly Windows 10 S is, and the lack of clarity extends to availability and whether or not current Windows users will be able to upgrade to the OS — and if so, how much it will cost.

What's the best thing about the Surface Laptop?

Earlier this month, Microsoft introduced the latest member of the Surface family: the Surface Laptop. We want to know what you think is the new Surface’s stand-out feature, or the “ultimate reason” to buy one.

Should Windows 10 S ship with ALL Windows laptops?

Microsoft unveiled a new 'flavor' of its popular Windows OS, called Windows 10 S, that’s locked to the Windows Store. Should the new OS ship with all new Windows laptops? At least one Windows Central forum user thinks so.

Share your personal path on the Windows phone platform!

At Windows Central, we’ve used and reviewed a ton of different Windows-powered mobile devices. Today, we want to hear all about your Windows phone history.

Why have things gone so wrong for Windows phone?

Windows phone appears to be suffering quite a lot right now, but why is that?

Humorous videos reveal 'the perks' of owning a Nokia Lumia 1520

The Lumia 1520, nearly ten months after release, is still wooing fans around the world. Partially due to its forward-thinking hardware and its unapologetic size, owners of the six-inch phablet tend to be very proud of the gargantuan Windows Phone.

Although full of pride, many Lumia 1520 users also have a sense of humor in regards to wielding such a massive device in public. Take, for instance, the following two videos made by WPCentral Forum member nickniko, which shows some humorous benefits in owning a coveted Lumia 1520.

What do you do with a cracked Windows Phone screen?

It is a situation none of us wants to go through. We lose our grip and find our Windows Phone bouncing down the sidewalk or we find ourselves in another nightmare situation that sends our Windows Phone into harm's way. The end result often finds our screen cracked or shattered.

Windows Phone Central forums member coip has started a discussion asking what to do with a cracked screen. His wife dropped her Nokia Lumia 928 and cracked the screen. With 9 months left on the contract, the options they are considering include living with the cracked screen, buy a used Windows Phone to make it to the end of the contract or upgrade early to either the HTC One M8 or Lumia Icon.

HTC One W8, can it get HTC back in the Windows Phone game?

HTC has sent out press invites for an August 19th event where many are expecting to see the HTC One M8 running Windows Phone. Otherwise known as the HTC One W8.

While all of this is still speculation, some are seeing the possibilities of a 5-inch Super LCD3 Windows Phone with Gorilla Glass 3 and an aluminum house as rather enticing. But is it enough to lure you away from the sleek build of the Lumia line of Windows Phones?

What made you buy Windows Phone in the first place?

My first Windows Phone? That would have to be the Dell Venue Pro. That sliding portrait-QWERTY keyboard? Swoon. It was a little chunky, but I loved that phone. The screen went into a billion pieces when I dropped it on some ice in Park City after slaying the mountain. That was my first Windows Phone, but it wasn't the hardware that really drew me into the mix - it was the software. What made you first buy Windows Phone?

Do you really use the Windows Phone 8.1 Notification Center?

Some may think this is a rhetorical question but there is a discussion going on in the Windows Phone Central Forums asking how much others are using the Notification Center with Windows Phone 8.1.

WPCentral Reader Blake Seaman presents the question and, not being not a social media user, found the Live Tiles were more than enough notification. Even pinning settings tiles to the Start Menu seemed to meet his needs.

Is it fair to consider the size of the Lumia 1520 as a con?

There is very little debate on the Nokia Lumia 1520 being a large Windows Phone. Its 6 inch screen is massive compared to other Windows Phones. But is it fair to consider the largeness of the Lumia 1520 a "con" (as in pros and cons)?

WPCentral Forums member Rawliglat x poses the question in a recent forums discussion taking the position that the Lumia 1520 is simply designed for consumers looking for a bigger screen. The larger size of the 1520 should not be considered a con any more than the smaller size of other Windows Phone should be considered a con.

Mobile Nations Fitness Month: Help Sam get #MobileFit

As you may have noticed, June is Fitness Month

With June being Fitness Month around these parts, we are tapping into's forums to chat things up. One discussion is from our own Managing Editor Sam Sabri where he is discussing how he plans on spending the month getting back on the fitness bandwagon.

From charging up his Fitbit Force to dusting off his running shoes, Sam hopes to get on the road to fitness recovery and plans on sharing all his highlights in the forum discussion.

Does your Windows Phone need a case? Join our discussion

There are a few questions that stand the test of time such as, "Ford or Chevy?", "Boxers or Briefs?", "Blondes or Brunettes?" and with Windows Phones it seems that "Case or no Case?" is that one question that never seems to go away.

Windows Phone Central forums member Qais Abu-Hasan is the latest to pose the question. Qais is planning to get a Lumia 930 and has concerns that a case will ruin the amazing design of the Windows Phone. However, there is also concern that the aluminum trim will be prone to scratching and needs the protection.

What are your top five most wanted Windows Phone 8.1 apps?

While we have seen the selection in the Windows Phone Store grow by leaps and bounds, there still may be a few apps out there that are missing in action.

A recent WPCentral Forums discussion asks the simple question, "What is your top five most wanted apps for Windows Phone 8.1?" The discussion was started by WPCentral Forum member burnabite who would like to see TED talks, NHL Gamecenter, Mozilla Firefox, Dropbox and BBM developed for Windows Phone.

How often do you change your Windows Phone Start Screen?

Our Windows Phone Start Screen is an easy way to make our phones our own. Even before Windows Phone 8.1 introduced transparent Live Tiles and Start Screen background images, through third party apps and in-house settings you could customize things quite a bit.

There is a Windows Phone Central Forums discussion, started by Forum Member Sir William Wiener that asks how often do you change your Start Screen background images and accent colors? Sir William finds himself tweaking the Start Screen a lot while the habits range from daily changes to weekly to "every once in a while".

Does Cortana sound less robotic today?

Cortana is a really fun and useful feature on Windows Phone 8.1. She’s still a few centuries away from being conversational like in the Halo video games, but we’re big fans! Cortana is currently in beta for those in the United States, though many of you are using her globally after changing your region. And as a beta, Cortana will continue to improve and get better. Today we're getting a lot comments that Cortana sounds different. Does she?

What would be your 'perfect' Windows Phone?

While the current Windows Phone device lineup has plenty of quality choices, if you could design your own Windows Phone, what would it be?

WPCentral reader elliot436 has started a discussion over in the WPCentral Forums asking what your perfect devices would be. So far, the responses range from combining existing devices to more specific requirements.

Cortana, still feeling the Windows Phone 8.1 love?

The Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers has been in the public's hands for just over two weeks now. One of the more anticipated features of Windows Phone 8.1 is Cortana.

For those just joining us, Cortana is Windows Phone 8.1's intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator. Think of it as Siri's better looking cousin. And while released in Beta form and only in the U.S. Market (officially) many were eager to start asking Cortana everything from "will you marry me?" to "what's the temperature in Kelvin?"