Chime in: What is your favorite Xbox One game right now?

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In the run-up to E3 2018, we're about to get an explosion of new games to look forward to. But that doesn't help us in the here and now.

Forum go'er ArtistJD recently posted a thread on our Xbox forums to ask a simple question: What is your favorite Xbox One game right now? And it has us thinking ...

I posted in another forum asking about Xbox one games. Except I later realized that it was a dead community. But, knowing to well that this is the most active forum on the planet, I would like to ask the same thing herein. Which Xbox One game are you playing right now? Are you enjoying it? Or, are you simply gaming to pass time? I am a fan of Forza Five. Because I am an addict to...


I can't get enough of Monster Hunter: World from Capcom. It has a rich and diverse game world featuring multiple types of environments, dozens of huge monsters to kill, a deep and complex progression system, and of course, four-player co-op. Capcom keeps adding new content to the game, too, keeping me hooked.

Jump in the forum thread and let us know what you're enjoying right now on Xbox One. If you're looking for something new to play, be sure to take a look at our Best Xbox One Games list for 2018.

From the forums: What is your favorite Xbox game right now?

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