In the run-up to E3 2018, we're about to get an explosion of new games to look forward to. But that doesn't help us in the here and now.

Forum go'er ArtistJD recently posted a thread on our Xbox forums to ask a simple question: What is your favorite Xbox One game right now? And it has us thinking ...


I posted in another forum asking about Xbox one games. Except I later realized that it was a dead community. But, knowing to well that this is the most active forum on the planet, I would like to ask the same thing herein. Which Xbox One game are you playing right now? Are you enjoying it? Or, are you simply gaming to pass time? I am a fan of Forza Five. Because I am an addict to...


I can't get enough of Monster Hunter: World from Capcom. It has a rich and diverse game world featuring multiple types of environments, dozens of huge monsters to kill, a deep and complex progression system, and of course, four-player co-op. Capcom keeps adding new content to the game, too, keeping me hooked.

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Jump in the forum thread and let us know what you're enjoying right now on Xbox One. If you're looking for something new to play, be sure to take a look at our Best Xbox One Games list for 2018.

From the forums: What is your favorite Xbox game right now?