When should you buy a Core i5 Surface Pro instead of a Core m3?

Intel has a number of processors aimed at budget PCs, one of which is the Core m3. While it doesn't put out as much power as the U-series CPUs commonly found in modern Ultrabooks, it's still a decent performer.

Forum member htc fan89 started a thread in our forum asking whether or not a Surface Pro with a Core i5 or a Core m3 processor is more suited to their specific needs, which include taking notes, Java coding, and Matlab Simulink.

hey, guys I'm going be using it for taking notes, maybe a bit of matlab simulink and some java coding. so, would m3 processor be enough or should i spend extra and get the i5. I'm also going get the 4gb version if I go with i5. Let me know, I already have macbook pro 2016 for my main device and for heavy stuff got a gaming pc.

htc fan89

htc fan89 explains that they already have a gaming PC for heavier tasks and they also have a MacBook Pro as a daily driver.

Do you have any helpful suggestions for htc fan89? What should they really be looking at in a Surface Pro for the outlined tasks? Drop in to the thread and drop some knowledge!

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